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Monday, July 19, 2010

"Spelled just like the movie ..."

You have become a compulsive walker and the summer is killing you, so you buy a new hat ... and the reason you bought that hat was becasue of size: it was large, with big brim and came down low over ears, offering the best protection. But as you go up to Starbucks to buy your coffee while wearing this hat, you aren't thinking of that because it's almost 90 out with 82% humidity and you are considering if you can make it back up the hill to home without humiliating yourself by crawling by the neighbors houses. They are, after all, rather nice neighbors. When this happens, try to remember that your new hat also has the emblem of your favorite movie on the front, in Kelly green letters.

You go to Starbucks for some cold beverage.

"My brother just loves that movie. He loves that movie so much he named his son after one of the characters and spelled it exactly the same."
You just got done doing a couple miles in intense heat and humidity so it takes a minute. "What?"
"Boondock Saints," she says pointing at your hat. "He loved it."
"Oh, I get it. Okay. Yeah, great film. Have you seen it?"
"No," she says, "But he loved it and named named his son, Konar, spelled just like the movie."
You finish off your Gatorade. "Excuse me?" you say, trying to sound as if you didn't really hear. "He spelled it how?"
"K-o-n-a-r. You know. One of the brothers?"
"And he watched the movie? Did he see the credits go by?"
"Yeah," she said, "a couple times."
There is point in your life when you got to make a choice. The kid is already named, birth certificate already issued. You can make a deal of this, looking pompous, or just ... smile.
"That is really great. I'm sure they love that, the actors I mean. Can I have a ..."


  1. I'm sure the kid will find out anyways.

  2. I think he was four now. Maybe he already knows.