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Friday, July 23, 2010

Thank you Lucien Carr ... You're My New Best Friend ... :)

Thank you Lucien Carr, both of you, you just might save me tonight!

I should have thought of it eight hours ago as I loved the quote and have already mentioned it in the blog ...

"Why don't you just start on the second paragraph?"

~Lucien Carr

I am now going to go start my second paragraph and see where that leads me ...

See, if I hadn't been watching these movies, I might be looking for a bridge right now ... LOL


Top: "Beat": Norman Reedus as Lucien Carr; Ron Livingston as Allen Ginsberg. Bottom: Lucien Carr(left) at Allen Ginnsberg's wedding, 1953


  1. For the record, when I listened to Mr. Carr? I wrote all 919 words in 22 minutes!! Yeah ... that advice worked!! Real well!!

  2. Comment left when the article came out at: http://terryodell.blogspot.com/2010/07/forward-motion.html

    "So touching and inspiring. Thank you! And so true. Keep moving forward but don't forget to turn around and lend a hand. I like the quote from Carr, too.

    "I worked as a news reporter for a few years and heard good things about Carr."

    Great tribute to a great man:)"

    ~Terry Stonecrop

    I, Jax, was very pleased ... :)

  3. Hey, I love the pix! Carr was handsome;)

    Nice blog!

  4. Thank you very much. It's a hobby I've had for awhile -- watching only one actor at a time -- and just now started the blog. Only have seven more of this actor's movies and then I have to choose someone new. But thank you. I was very pleased to find two photos with so close an appearance and man, did Ginsberg look like Ginsberg!! :)

  5. I'm a fan of literary figures/have read about the subject and have seen about four movies depicting the relationship between ginsberg,cassady,and kerouac(also carr) and would feel guilty if i didn't mention that the best depiction of a beat icon that I've seen (by far) is James Franco's portrayal of Ginsberg in "Howl". He nails it. And despite not wanting to, i have to give it up to Franco he really is a good actor, he's growing on me (came off a little pretentious w/that ivy league school shit. Like anyone famous ever fails a class). Anyway he really captures the mannerisms watch the old reels of ginsberg reading howl as a youth. Kinda anxious to see Daniel Radcliff's effort in the upcoming film "Kill your darlings" but there's no way he'll "Beat" Franco (I'm hilarious).

  6. I didn't get a chance to see Howl yet, but it is on my list. I heard it was very good. I did read The Type Writer is Holy, a book about all their relationships and would highly recommend that, too.