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Monday, August 30, 2010

Backlogging Again: The Messenger 2

Messenger 2: The Scarecrow

Staring: Norman Reedus, Heather Stephens, Claire Holt, Richard Riehle, Darcy Fowers, Matthew McNulty

Directed by Martin Barnewitz

Written by Todd Farmer

There was nothing amazingly spectacular about this movie. Just the opposite, actually. I can see where real critics would have had a field day on it. The plot was pretty thin, it didn't make sense in a whole lot of places -- Stay With Me -- It was predictable "Hum ... look the kid can drive the tractor even as mom keeps telling dad 'stop teaching the kid how to drive the tractor ...’ wonder if that will come in handy later?"

John Rollins is losing his farm, his crops, his wife to another man, all his security, his children ... nothing could possibly go worse as the bank comes after him, the crows eat his crops, his credit is pulled, his irrigation system breaks. It is looking pretty damn bleak until he finds the hidden closet in the barn storing an ancient and ugly scarecrow that his neighbor assures John will change everything.

And it does. With a few dead bodies adding up, some sexual aggression, failure to hold onto the children he holds dear ... it really is a no win situation that is explained by the little ghost girl "The Scarecrow doesn't protect the man. It protects the land."

And you know what? I loved this movie. I really did. Yeah, it got a little too spooky for big, tough me while I was home alone in a dark house in the middle of nowhere. There may have been a time or two when I suddenly had to get a drink of water. Use the bathroom. "Opps, I better transfer that load of laundry right now."

But what this movie may have lacked in Academy Award nominations it made up in something so much better. It was fuuun. I had fuuun watching this. And I watched it again. And again. I recommended it. Yeah, it's not the greatest of horror films, though it scares you here and there, but man, what a great way to spend the night. Fun. How many things are just that much friggin' fun? I loved it and appreciated every frame of screen time.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Crime ...

A Crime

Staring: Harvey Keitel, Emmanuelle Béar and Norman Reedus

The story of love lost through violence, a relationship desired to heal all wounds and the length one woman will go too to get the man she views as perfect.

I have read that this is considered to be Norman Reedus' best performance ever. This was verified by fans. I might have to agree.

Vincent Harris (Reedus) comes home in time to find his beloved wife murdered just minutes before. His life shattered, he is left with a puppy he didn't even know for four weeks was his, a gift she had picked up just that afternoon as a surprise to him. "Vickie" becomes his focus as Vincent trains Vickie as a race dog for the next three years. When he is not training him, Vincent is trying to solve his wife’s murder. Living in an apartment across from Alice Parker (Emmanuelle Béar), Vincent helps her, is there for her, and though he is aware of her desire for him, it never truly crosses his mind the lengths she will go to possess him.

"Is he your boyfriend?" she is asked.

"He will be as soon as I solved this crime."

Her idea for solving the crime is to set up a taxi driver, Roger Culkin (Keitel), though manipulation, sex, set ups – really bad, bad things that eventually get poor Roger found guilty in the eyes of vigilante justice and Roger goes into the river in the trunk of his own taxi.

Vincent’s affair with Alice begins, even as Roger comes back from the dead.

“Out of all the cabbies you wanted to set up for the murder, you picked me …?”

Tell tale line.

And it is soon evident that as conniving as Alice had been to win Vincent, her love was genuine and she will do anything to protect him.

Not a high powered film with extravagant emotions, but more of a slow simmer with excellent performances by all the major players. The ending, maybe a little bit more predictable than I would normally like, but not in the least bit distracting. Vincent was a quiet man who loved deeply and in the end, Vickie won first place in his race and Vincent and Alice were able to start a new life.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Floating ...

Floating, 1999 staring Norman Reedus, Chad Lowe, Will Lymann and Sybil Temchen

Written and Directed by William Roth

1999 Best Jury Award: Best Acting Performance: Norman Reedus

1999 Cinematography Award Wolfgang Held

1999 Best of Festival Award: William Roth

Several things immediately make "Floating" different than any other Norman Reedus parts of the time. Tenth movie out, released after "Boondock Saints", a couple years after "Six Ways Till Sunday", the character Mr. Reedus portrayed in "Floating" was very much different. He wasn’t the “bad guy” or villain often mentioned by Mr. Reedus, citing “he just has that look.” The man portrayed didn’t kill anybody in this part, nowhere near. His character, Van, was lost, looking for his own identify as he was abandoned by his mother, rejected by his girlfriend and trapped in a relationship with his father that was both dependent and abusive.

This was a coming of age film, very much different than any other part and not requiring a fire arm.

Van, the hero was facing every nightmare a kid could face the year before college. Loss of the life he knew, a mother who walked away and never looked back, taking all the family money. Van lost his house, his security, his chance at the college he wanted to attend. A swimmer who wanted to be on the team at school, he now spends his days on the pond he has always called home.

"I had it. A white picket fence life. Good friends. Good family. Good life. And my dad blew it. Screwed himself up in a car accident. We were kind of depressed for awhile. But now we are doing alright." ~Van

Everything about Van’s life is sacrifice – and he is so damn good at it, even when he is miserable. When his underlining anger surfacing, he still manages to be there for everyone who needs him. He cares for everyone he loves. From handing his father Red Five paints instead the Red Six, to trying to reach the girlfriend who treated him so cruelly, to his new friend who has his own a secret. When Van did find it out, it didn’t even faze the relationship. He stood by Doug to the end.

Van was a good, good guy. Lost, but searching, hoping for an answer that was out there somewhere and not even sure where he was supposed to look.

Trivia: I do believe it is the only time where Mr. Reedus’ tat on his chest was altered. Also, in most stills, it switches sides.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walls ...

"Walls" by Jack Roberts, 2006 Starring Jayce Bartok, Greg Haberny and Norman Reedus

“PRODUCTION: Shot over 7 days, spread out over 6 months. Walls is a short film based on a feature screen play called "Livingston Ave." Which is currently being shopped for funding.”

A short, twenty minute film, not easy to locate on the Internet.


"Walls" is the condensed story of Jay Styles, his rise to fame, the loss of his brother and the article Rolling Stones wants to do on it.

A vivid recollection of past and present, of the brotherly love obvious even when sex, drugs and rock & roll are ripping them apart. I really enjoy watching these short pieces as so much is packed into a small amount of time, making you want more and more. Mr. Reedus' part as Henry Flesh, Rolling Stones reporter is actually a pretty damn cool part to play when you are a writer looking at the performance and thinking what an amazing job that must be.

“Is that what the whole Keith experience influence is?” Flesh asks.

The Keith experience? We finally get to that, huh?”

“It’s unavoidable," Flesh shrugs.

The Keith Experience was a driving force behind this band. His presence on stage, his dynamics and on the night they signed their first contract, he died of an overdose, leaving his brother, Jay, in a prolonged mixture of sorrow, grief and memories.

This was an emotional film to view, shot with beautiful cinematography showing a mixture of the bands past while Keith was alive, and the movements of Jay though his life as he continued to move forward all the while grieving the brother he couldn't save.

A must see.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Backlogging: Moscow Chill

Moroz po kozhe or Moscow Chill, 2007

Filmed and Released in Europe. Released in America under the name "Moscow Chill" on DVD in 2009. I think it was.

I read in a review – and then, of course, couldn’t find again to back this up -- that "Moroz po kozhe" was extremely popular in Europe and Asia, but never released in theaters in America. I can't prove I read that, but I really did! Though it didn't make much sense to me as I did really love this movie which was a perfect example of range of performance by Mr. Reedus: Ray vs Mac vs. Murphy.

In this film, computer hacker, Ray Perso, can make ATM machines spit cash, which lands him in a rehab institute with the declaration he can never use a computer again.

My favorite scene in the movie, which actually has little to do with the plot is when one of the doctors in the center asks “Do you think this glass is half full Ray, or half empty ...” The look on Ray's face as he dead pans this idiot, giving no answer, is classic. His answer was in that one look.

The only problem I would have with this part – and I am wondering if it is a bad one – but it would be Ray's opinion to the abduction out of the center by two Russians and his only reaction being a shocked sigh once he realizes where they were heading – Moscow. I think talking your way out, maybe bribery, a damn computer code might have been in order instead of getting on a plane with total strangers to a place you had never been to do something you have no clue about. That's a long flight to be thinking "Humph ..."

Ray had a quiet resignation of “Sure” in the situation and then he explained to the heavy weight, Dolphin, the theory in Greek Mythology Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. Zeus then punished him for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day. Ray liked this story. He mentioned it a few times.

Ray was very easy going. And really a nice, nice guy. Nice to the girl, nice to her son, nice to her dad. Hell, I think he would have been nice to the bear if it had gotten any closer. Ray was one of my favorite characters portrayed by Mr. Reedus because he was more interested in the people and not the money and the circumstances. He hated witnessing a meaningless murder. He really did try to adjust, to come to terms with what he was being sucked into, but when it came down to killing, he didn't want to. It was merely do or die.

And in the end -- he walked away from the chance for the money so he could instead have a chance at the family.

Pretty cool. And Ray remains one of my all time favorites!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

RESULTS: Who Do YOU want in your LifeBoat

Okay ... I know ... I know ... everyone is living and breathing to know the results ... LOL And let me just tell you that all of the answers were fantastic. It was through an intricate voting system devised by me and a seventeen old genius that we were able to come up with fair --

Okay --- we assigned everyone a number and drew them out of ... well ... pile on my desk. I didn't have a hat and we really are not very sophisticated around here. :)

For the Poll: The numbers are are follows for who would keep you alive in a your Life Boat:

Arthur: 28%
MacGyver: 35%
Gibbs w/ Tony 7%
Johnny Depp 14%
Viggo 0%
Buffy 14%

It was admitted to me that Johnny Depp was only wanted for the sex and rum ... :)
For me, I would have voted for Arthur twice if the program would have let me cheat!! :)

The Who Do You Want in Your Life Boat Question?

The Award goes to Joanne with this answer:

"Clearly the only practical answer is MacGyver. He could whip together a helicopter out of palm fronds and rubber bands. I was going to say the Professor from Gilligan's Island, but although he could make cars and radios out of coconuts, he couldn't manage to fix a hole in a boat. Plus MacGyver will develop all those alien connections. A Stargate might come in handy."

And lastly, the Follower whose name was drawn?

Josie @ http://takeonehundred.blogspot.com

Thank you for playing with me, guys. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again soon!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Five Fans and I Type ...

I seriously cannot believe this is turning into a competition!! However, tell me which one you want HERE and I will start typing again instead of pacing and avoiding. Because really -- it's a blog. About movies. And I think it's fun, or I thought it was fun. I thought it was a whole hell of a lot of fun. But ... really ... I promise you ... it's a blog. About movies. No world peace. No cure for cancer. Won't be feeding the worlds hungry from here.

Blog. Movies. Get it?

Good. Please leave your comments and I will see what I can do, but I am on vacation in two days where I plan on thinking of nothing but warm sun, cool water, my husband of twenty seven years -- our anniversary -- and a bunch of Pina Coladas.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Overworked and Underpaid ...

All those who know that I have a lecture due tomorrow -- on Time Management for Writers, raise your hand! You are so good and know me so well. Three more to go with a vaca to a "resort" for my 27th anniversary in the middle of it all. Man, I need it.

I also got six proposals out for more classes next year, I worked on one article and I am writing the new book -- anyone, anyone at all know this is the glamorous life of a writer -- in my office, over worked and underpaid with five chinchillas and a collie who hates the storms? That's it -- I see you -- with the hands up waving in the back of the room. Thank you for recognizing the work even if the paychecks are not what they should be. It does pay to love your job. I am a grown up with imaginary friends and can't ask for much more.

And Davis ... poor Davis. FBI Special Agent Davis Brieve, with his PhD in Criminal Psychology, his Masters in Criminal Justice and that one language he knows pretty damn well -- cuz well, you know those Special Agents -- they do things like that. I am glad to report he did kiss the girl -- rather nicely, too (I had my friend check to make sure!!) -- in the parking garage, and he did get to curl up with her and sleep -- only sleep. He is still lacking in some departments, but we are just starting to really get to know each other, so we have time. He is a cool guy and doesn't mind being patient.

Which is good because until I get caught up with the rest of work --

Does anyone see any movies around here? On the movie watching blog?

Oh, I want to see a good movie. I haven't seen one in a couple weeks, though I did start watching 3rd Rock From the Sun from the beginning. Excellent show. Forgot how good that was. I have two reviews almost done: one with Mr. Reedus, one on JGL and still don't know which direction I am going to go as I have heard so much from camps, the fans of each actor, and it has been confusing.

In the meantime, while I make up my mind, I think I will go type out a few pages on -- does anyone want to help me name this new book? I was thinking of "Desperate Measures" but that is rather over used and doesn't say very much. I need to think of something better -- and then maybe -- the overworked will be followed my OVER paid!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wow ... Questions come fast ... Josh and Tony

Questions do come fast and I will be happy, just this once, to explain. Okay, I will be happy to explain anytime as friends should not be forgotten.

There are two new, un movie related emblems on the site and they will remain as it is a cause I support. I am planning on, in the future, to extend my involvement in working in this area.

For now ... to answer the question asked ...

Josh: I have three kids of my own and six that I am very close to who have been hanging out at my house for the last three to eight years, depending on which kid. They are all over twenty now, but I always refer to them as "the teenagers" and I adore them. They helped me build my Boondock Saints T-Shirt collection. Josh was not one of the kids who hung out here in later years, but he was close to the ones that do. When he died last October, at age twenty-two, a senior in college, he left a devastating hole in this crowd that will take years and years to heal. He is still missed daily and still thought of all the time.

Tony: I once told Mr. Reedus about Tony as I thought he should know that there had been this man who could talk about his movies for hours, a man that loved both Saint actors careers. I would have liked to have told Mr. Flanery, too, but I did not know how to reach him. Tony was a friend of mine and a rapid Boondock Saints fan. I did not know him very long and we met under extraordinary circumstances and Tony was usually quiet. He was hard to reach. The only way I finally got him to start talking to me was when I realized we did share the interest in
the Saints. He and I had many, many discussions on the antics in All Saints Day and if you really could ball park 165 feet of rope in less than a minute, then jump and land exactly at the same place at the same time and the right window. He and I sorta thought might be a little impossible. :)

I was in a meeting the day he left and I never got to say good-bye. I found out later he had -- um -- died -- two weeks after I last saw him. Alone. Without family. On my walk that I do everyday there is a rose bush that I have dedicated to him though it isn't even mine. I never walk passed it without stopping to smell the roses and to say Hi to Tony. I hope he hears.

Photos: Top: Tony's rose bush last week; Bottom: Arguing on the scaffolding in All Saints Day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh my God ... Adultery is Cool ... LOL

As a woman married twenty-seven years who has never committed adultery, I have got to be honest and say tonight *rocked*!! Oh my god, that was great. Wine was good, Bogie was -- if I had known it would be like this, I would have looked up a classic movie sooner in these actor relationships I am not really having. :)

Okay -- tomorrow I will see about being faithful again. Or maybe I will see what Cary Grant is up to. He has got to be one of the greatest kissers in screen history, though Orlando Bloom at the end of "Pirates" might beat him out. But no one looks better in a suit than Cary, in the history of the world. Period. Bar none. But I won't tell you how I really feel. :)

THE Greatest Scene in All of Movie History ...

Start at 4:49

I got! I know what I need! I know what I need ...

Still in chaos recovery from the week from hell -- we might be able to make a movie of that someday -- I am still reeling. I am trashed: mentally, emotionally and physically, from a week where I made bad decisions , I almost made other bad decisions, people made bad decisions for me. Some people didn't know how to respond as a support group to any of these bad decisions until all I wanted to do is forget any and all decisions. I kept thinking of that thing Spock does when he sneaks up behind you with his finger thingies and then touches you and utters "Fooorrrrrggett." I was hoping to find out more about that, but Nimoy retired a few months ago and I am out of luck. I slept very little this week, which anyone who knows about my missing last year, knows I am not allowed to do that.

When the letters from the Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans started to arrive to say it wasn't fair I had switched to him and then gone back to Mr. Reedus to finish out a goal I had started, I had to stare at my screen in wonder. "Guys, this is what I do for *fun*. A movie once a week or so where I follow a theme. A little research. I download some photos and then, at my next writing session -- which is daily 2:00 to 5:30 -- I warm by writing this thing. Not a big deal. Not. A. Big. Deal. Trust me on this!!"

I will finish my obligation to myself and Mr. Reedus' fans and then, I promise, I will give just as much attention to Mr. Gordon-Levitt.

So, as I was laying face down on the mattress a few minutes ago -- in the dark -- with the door locked -- thinking "Make it all stop and make Monday nice. Monday needs to be nice. I need to find one those fairies with that dust stuff and shake it around to make them make Monday nice ..." That's when I realized I might need extra help.

With no disrespect to Mr. Reedus or Mr. Gordon-Levitt, I going to commit adultery and cheat on the both of you and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. I think Mr. Reedus will probably find out and somehow I don't think it's going to bother him as long as I am way over there and no where near here. Mr. Gordon-Levitt? I think I can slip it passed him and he will never know. So ...
shhhh ... keep my secret.

Remember the movie "Mr. Mom"?

"Kenny I can bribe, but Alex, Alex will talk." LOL

I need a man. I real man. Not that these two aren't real men, of course -- no insults intended --but I need THE real man. The man you want in your Life Boat, on your island and damn it, on the rescue ship after he flagged it down having set fire to the palm trees with one of his cigarettes and a bottle of scotch!! I need Frank McCloud, who can hand Gaye Dawn her drink, take the slap from Rocco say thank you before walking away as if he owned the world.

Oh, I LOVE "Key Largo." So even though I did start to research and review "Moscow Chill" and I do -- guess what -- have lecture due tomorrow -- I am going to blow off work for the rest of the rest of Sunday, open this bottle of wine I bought last night-- an amazing cab -- have some it with the cheese I bought and call it a holiday and go put Bogie on my big screen.

Even poor Davis is still not going to get laid -- for those of you following my new book exploits and knowing Davis has been waiting ten days.

And for the record of Trivia? My dad was very good friends with Chuck Parr, son of Claire Trevor who played Gaye Dawn. My mom still has the electric pencil sharper Chuck gave my dad when they first came out. Sucker weighs about twelve pounds and sounds like 747 taking off, but it still works!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reedus Fans Verses Legal Advice ...

Yes. Let us see how smart I really am. The degree on the wall, the awards, all these pieces of paper framed in the office telling me I know what to type, how to make decisions and what to say and how to listen and to handle my career ... and ... sigh ...

Yeah. I'm f**king brilliant. Because the Reedus fans win -- that is where my loyalties lie -- and if this goes wrong, man am I going get busted. On many fronts. Most of them, with more career altering clout than me.

But in the last forty-eight hours I have been contacted by a number of Norman Reedus fans calling fowl that I switched actors before I finished The List. With only four movies to watch and with four movies left to back log, I moved on.

I have been asked to move back. I believe one or two other Saints comments might have been requested. Apparently Mr. Reedus' fans like those, too. Loyal fans there, Mr. Reedus.

So I sit here, staring at my screen, regretting, nervous and rejoicing at the same time. It did feel rather unfinished moving on when and how I was told to do it.

One rule. No yelling. Because trust me, with my martial arts and self defense, Mac would have gone over that cliff alone and I might not have had a mark on me. But yell at me ... and we head into a whole different game plan ... this one with me very sad and not able to type. And though that might just be annoying here at the world of movie blogging, it wreaks havoc on the rest of the day job as deadlines do get missed and I do -- and did -- get into trouble.

So let’s finish this. With a smile. And then I will feel good about all of it again.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Boondock Saints Standard Attire ... I couldn't do it

For reasons I will not go into, I will admit that I gave away my entire Boondock Saint t-shirt collection. With the family gone this weekend, everyone knows what I would have been wearing, except I added socks cuz it is surprising chilly. Standard attire when they are gone: Boondock Saints shirt, jeans, barefoot with painted toes. Did I never mention I wear my hair up to show off the cool tattoo I got last May? :)

As it is, though, as the days passed through this last week, we moved from one catastrophic domino effecting into another -- no events isolated, each one occurring because of the one that happened the day before -- until the cave about a half mile from here looked good. I figured it didn't have Internet and no one would find me. Hell, the way things were going, I doubted anyone would look. This has got to have been one the hardest and longest weeks I have seen in a long, long time. My e-mailbox -- all of them -- came to terrify me every morning and I lost so many days trying to fix the damage that was done, managing to stay just one step behind.

And my t-shirt collection? The one long worked on? I gave it away. I could not even face a silly t-shirt.

But in the end, before they picked them up, I couldn't do it. Not only did a lot of my kids give me these shirts, but I think someday I will forgive myself -- it doesn't feel that way right now -- but I think I will want to watch the movies again -- someday -- and my fandom, though buried now, will be back.

And when that happens, what will I have to wear when the family goes to Los Angeles for work?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Joseph Gordon Levitt's Interview on Dumbo ...

Still working ten to twelve hour days right now and have been since last -- I don't -- what day is it? Hope to be done by the end of this weekend and "caught up" because "caught up" is always possible. Yeah. Right. Ah huh. :)

So I haven't started the movies yet, but I have started the research and is there anything sexier than a grown man talking about how he loved "Dumbo" -- with a full description of his favorite scene? :)

How rude of me and I do apologize ... Reedus Summay

Ever meet that old friend you might not never have known, but aways thought -- nice guy? There was a man in Scotland once. I don't even remember his name. But we spent time together, walks, nothing inappropriate with me at eighteen and him at sixty, but we talked. We shared private things we wouldn't have shared with any else. And two weeks later, he went back to his county while I stayed on in St. Andrews for a few more weeks. I missed him. I still do.

We were "friends" without having known each other. I think that way sometimes. It's not a logical a thing to other people -- just -- I'm someone who wants to talk -- even when -- the other person ...

The reality is in an entertainment job -- actor/writer -- you might think you know them because the interviews are that good and the job they do is great -- when
deep down, there are just two people in different worlds with different goals and different futures. Their paths are never going to cross and there is no illusion of otherwise.

I have several fans who write to me, telling me things ... personal things ... and I listen and write back as they just need someone to talk to. I actually didn't know other writers didn't do that.

For me, on April 25th just after midnight, picking the actor I would watch based on a photo I liked -- one that said "nice guy -- pride -- adoration for my son ..." -- gave me goal and a path for the next several months. The fact I didn't even know his name until a little research, made finding the movies a little harder, but I did.

And I enjoyed them. No ... that is not right. I really enjoyed them, even the ones I didn't really want to watch. Because even if it was a part that I might not have sought out to see, I got to see another side to a versatile actor who knows his craft.

My summary of four months of watching Norman Reedus films: Mr. Reedus is an amazing actor with a wide variety of performances to back any claim -- which I have never heard him say -- that he can take on pretty much any part he chooses. It doesn't look as if he ever gets bored in his job because he does get to play so many people. For a man who claims to have killed someone in almost every roll, I would say this is probably true. He almost never was in a part where he didn't smoke at some point, so that is a characteristic, too. He always kids he is never romantic, that his Mom wants to do a movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt but for a guy who says he never gets the girl, he sure got a lot of girls.

I really was clueless when I started this project. A fan of "The Boondock Saints" since 2006, I didn't even know any of the actors -- except Defoe and Connelly -- and, embarrassingly, I never learned. I missed out on a lot of good movies because of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this actor and I recommend him to everyone. But also, apparently in this project, I crossed some lines and I do want to offer a public apology and hope that it understood I never meant any harm. The recent unprovoked attacks against this blog have been settled though it was necessary to move on to JGL early due to the events, the fall out and professional advice. In regards to my own actions, I can only offer a heart felt apology and submit my humiliation and mortification and understand nothing will ever change now.

I do look forward to "Walking Dead", "Meskeda" and the others, and if I have gotten to the point where I can face my mistakes, I will go see them.

Thank you, Mr. Reedus. It was fun ... :)

The photo that got it all started ... the one I have never admitted to before ...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who would you want in your Life Boat? Contest

Comment and tell me who you would want in your lifeboat and why and win a chance at the Complete First Season of Third Rock from the Sun. Winner will be chosen by drawing. You may enter only once. Posts must be received before I wake on Thursday, August 18th.

Add a follow to the blog and have a chance to win a surprise!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pick the Next Photo ...

I am starting to pull down one actor: Sorry Mr. Reedus; & putting together the info for the next: Welcome Mr. Levitt. Which photo to use?

Deadline tomorrow. Let's go with Rocco tonight

Yes, if I didn't have several articles due -- one tomorrow, two more by Wednesday -- and a project to ... never mind. Boring and not why you are here. :)

But if I didn't have those, I would be back-logging a few movies and adding in the last ones I am watching with Mr. Reedus -- before moving on to Mr. Levitt. However, I do have deadlines so I have run today.



One of my all time favorite Boondock Saint scenes and once again, one of those philosophies that makes you cheer when Rocco's arm goes up, right before Greenly appears. "Men do not cry. Men do not pout ..."

I know I read an interview somewhere recently of Mr. Reedus talking about how this scene was written, created and filmed, but I could not find the link again. If what I remember is true then I have only one question: How do you find a ice rink on the spur of the moment? :)

Enjoy and I will be back with more movies in a few days.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

From One Cinephile to Another RECOMMENDED

I just found this cool blog site, similar to this one, only watching one Movie List rather than The List of one Actor.

Please check it out:




Saturday, August 7, 2010

Back Logging Again: Comparison: 8MM/American Gangster

"American Gangster", 2007.
"8MM", 1999.

Above, Mr. Reedus in a small part in the Academy Award nominated film, "American Gangster". His character: Detective in Morgue.

Below is another portrayal of polar opposites: Mr. Reedus as prison inmate, Warren Anderson, whose opinion of women does seem a tad bit lacking, but was well portrayed and poor Warren, badly in need, shockingly, of a cigarette. :)

The same year as "Boondock Sai ... " wait a minute. I've said that before. Gimme sec -- (shuffling papers) Yeap -- four credits for that year. Four credits for the year before, 1998. Five for the next year, 2000 -- wow -- I never saw that pattern before.

But thinking about it -- makes sense. Mr. Reedus' first movie was in 1997 ("Mimic"): forty-nine credits on The List, yeah -- wow -- some of those years must have tough getting place to place.

Dialog from "8mm"

"She came to Hollywood to be a f***ing movie star ... and so did I. Check me out now ..."

I have heard more than one person aware of Mr. Reedus' career who thought that line was funny, bordering on ironic --because even as he held the mop, he still would have looked better in Hollywood than prison.

I am trying to think if I have seen -- thinking of a word -- a progression or
growth in the acting as I have been watching all of the movies so close together rather than as released. However I am thinking that it's not a talent thing or a growth in parts -- those two are a given. What I am thinking is it's more of a choice in parts. Starting with Harry Odum and moving to Murphy MacManus, to the some of the smaller roles and then onto parts like "Hero Wanted", "Red Canyon", "Clown" ... these are all vastly different characters, none of them resembling the others in the least. There were choices made to keep the job interesting while being able to pursue others interests, as well.

Neither of these parts, in these two movies, were ground breaking, but they did establish a presence and move a career forward. I would love to be able to talk more about the individual roles but there was not enough screen time, though Warren, with all his crassness and disdain, I still liked him. I think he should have gotten the cigarette! :)

If I had to be honest -- and I have never not been about the movies -- I would never have seen these two films except they were on the list, Mr. Reedus was in them, and one of my personal rules was I had to watch the whole thing no matter what his screen time. Okay, I didn't make it on that one with these two movies but I did try. I watched most of them. I just never wanted to see them when they came out, when the previews played at the theater. I am just not a fan of any of the lead actors in either of these movies. Watching them -- the actors -- except in a very small, select group of films, is really hard for me.

Watching Mr. Reedus, I can only think of one role that was hard for me to watch, and I got through that and I didn't even have to eat a cookie -- not because he behaved, though. It was during the donut fiasco so yeah, if I had been more than half alive --yeah -- :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

"The Notorious Bettie Page ..."

As portrayed in this film, Bettie Page, when given the choice of Door A or Door B, almost always picked the door which wasn't going to lead to her happiness. It wasn't from lack of trying, but it seemed to be more from a trusting of people -- even when she shouldn't have. Her life did have aspects of tragedy and sadness and in researching the real person -- which I sought out as this film was intriguing -- she did have it pretty rough, though knew how to bounce back and stand strong.

If I stick to the film, I would say Mr. Reedus’ rush in as Billy Neal, and his assements of the first meeting, well as a romance writer, any man who tells his best friend four minutes after meeting the girl “I’m going to marry her and I have to flutter a bit. It's the happily ever after in me. To see this character, Neal, portrayed as he was, though, I would have to object, but only cuz I read up on the guy and he did get a bum wrap in the movie. He went into the army, she traveled with him, didn't like it and divorced him when they got back. In the movie, they gave her another reason.

And me, thinking as I saw him in that chair, totally miserable and regretful, his leg wiggling in nervousness as he flicked the end of the cigarette, even I who would hit back thought, “Ah … he’s too cute … look at that face … give him one more chance.”

I would say that was because of the performance of the actor and not the writers or biographers putting it in the script.

Once again, far too little screen time in a really excellent film that changed from black & white to color with not much rhythm or reason. It was a fun watch that I got everyone in the house to see when they usually watch my list with -- um -- resistance -- no offence to the actor. I just usually watch alone.

I did love Gretchen Mol’s performance and yeah … my husband was right ... she’s got a body to die for … or at least to think “Why can’t I look like that ... ?" LOL We got to know her last year as “Nutless” in the short lived series “Life on Mars” with Harvey Keitel. Really liked that show and was sorry to see it not renewed.

I didn’t eat any cookies for this part as I didn’t think anything bad happened. No one died that I saw and though Billy Neal didn't act too nicely all the time, I didn't think what he did was Oreo worthy. If I am mistaken, please let me know and I will have three cookies!! ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's nice to know you suffer from something with a name ...

Heard someone mention the word and I went and looked it up! I have something recognizable!! Cool!!

"Cinephilia is the term used to refer to a passionate interest in cinema, film theory and film criticism. The term is a portmanteau of the words cinema and philia, one of the four ancient Greek words for love.[1] A person with a passionate interest in cinema is called a cinephile."


And tomorrow ... I will be returning to the regularly scheduled Mr. Reedus reviews ... :)

I think I am putting off viewing and writing about them -- saw "The Notorious Bette Page" last night -- as I do know that when I finish, it will be time to move on. Like the next guy, too, but four months with one actor and you do get attached. Makes me kind of sad. Only four movies left to go.

"I murdered my best friend last night ..."

"I murdered my best friend ..." That is the first thing I said to my hubby this morning. "Naw," he said without opening his eyes. "It was more like manslaughter. "

Never did figure out where or who the wallpaper on my phone came from, but then, guess it doesn't really matter. I had it for roughly fourteen hours, I figure. That was about the time distance between "Woe, like that photo ..." and "Oh my god Larry, get the phone, get the phone ..."

Yeah. Ice tea. I do admit I make a very big glass when I make one and yes, my former phone fits totally and perfectly into it. We really did think we got it out before any damage was done. I mean, really? Barely even touched the stuff but the CPR did not work and I am now phone less.

Oh, I hate being phone less. A literal conversation I had about ten days ago:

"What does your phone do, Jax?"

"We'll let's see, it's got two e-mail accounts, Twitter, Facebook. I have my Google and my blog on there. The camera of course, it's the only one I have now. Texting. The Daily Calendar and the Task List and my alarm clock. And the med alarm clock and I use it as a flashlight when I walk around at night."

"Can you make a **call** on it?!"

LOL Oh ... **that **!!

Oh, who am I kidding? I've known for four months my phone needed replacing. The lock button was broken so it would seal up spontaneously and then not come undone. It only happened about every four days, but then I had to pull out the battery and do a soft reset five times on the day it was picky. The zero didn't work, so when I typed in my password to retrieve messages, it would go for like fifteen seconds before letting me move on ... and no ... I don't mind I just gave you the first digit of my password. Might give you all of them you asked nice, but really, my messages are not that interesting. :) Of course I NEVER answer the phone if I don't know the number coming in ... save 212 numbers (agent in New York) ... so I do have alot that go to voice mail.

Does anyone else have numbers programed as "Don't Ever Answer" or "Ignore this Person" so that when they call, that's what the screen reads? :)

Back to the phone: I am sorry that hubby and seriously discussed yesterday at lunch that now that the day planner was fully installed and working again, I should back up as soon as we bought a cord today. But I will chalk that up to the gremlins who installed a new wallpaper on my phone and then set it. Was awfully nice of them in that regard, unless they were setting me up for ice tea ...

Now I just have to decided what to do when my ... what is it? My BlackBerry "Tour" was discontinued ... guess I am getting a "Bold"? Well that's a dumb name ... but anyway ... now I just have to decide what wallpaper I will use now ... :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Self employment ... Why I love my job ...

I can think of many reasons why I love my job. The fact I am a grown up with imaginary friends is just a side benefit. Right now, actually, I have this guy named Davis, really wants to be in his own book. Met him about five or six days ago and man is he demanding and adorable -- Seriously Adorable -- I think I am in love after just a few days -- or is that merely a crush? Lust? I don't care what it is, I just want more of Davis.

It's just too bad I have a character and no story for him yet but we do keep talking.

"Honey, who are you talking to?"
"Okay dear, let me know how that goes." (hubby backs away slowly)

The other side benefit of my work? I work alone -- well me with five chinchillas in my office because -- be real -- shouldn't everyone have five chinchillas in their office? Okay, okay, wasn't one of my best plans, but damn they are cute and I think they might love me even with that brain size. I swear they get this look in their eye when they are all lined up on the side of the cage, staring at me all at once with that mixture of creepy and "Mom!!!"

I enjoy the company of "people" like Davis and though he is annoying in his persistence, he really is wonderful. And the above cartoon, which I loved? I don't think I would make in this the kind of job market and if I did, not quite sure where I would end up on the chart. Know I wouldn't be at the bottom and rarely feel clueless, though again, most of the people I am talking to are imaginary and well, you can sorta manipulate that conversation -- unless it's Davis. But to make it to the top? Really? I know people like Davis like to talk -- and I have a hundred Davis' in my head, filed away, but that just makes me a fiction writer and not a sociopath, right? I don't know ... maybe there is some sort of "path" in there somewhere with my job choice!! But I do know I love it!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nonchalant question with no bearing on anything

Just wondering ... in case it every came up ... you now ... I mean sometime ... not now, of course. But if I am no longer watching all the movies of a Saint, does that mean I can no longer make Saint movie refernces? Cuz that might be hard!! :)

I own just too many t-shirts and spend too many weekends alone. :)

Photo: Really? I have to point this out? "Boondock Saints; left: Murphy; right, Connor.

Murphy: Norman Reedus
Connor: Sean Patrick Flanery

I know who is next ... shhhhh ...

I do know who is next on the viewing list. It was decided last night when the family went out at ten till nine to rent some of his movies. And it's not that I am trying to be secretive, it's just that I don't know how to break it to the other two -- you know, just in case they have been holding their breath over this major decision -- I am kidding. I hope everyone knows that. I've worked on writing contests before where, when the results come in, you get to call the five finalists and hear them cheer and it's pretty damn fun. You aren't allowed to give any clue who the winner is even though you already know it. But I've never had to tell two guys they will be put on the list for the next round while one guy moved forward!! Hope they all know it was a tough, tough call!! :)

Again? Really? Am I that gulliable? LOL

My kids said I am gullible ... and then they proved it within a minute!!
"We saw Tom Cruise at Magic Mt!"
"Really? Cool!!"
I think they almost broke something laughing!! :)
However: Today. Walking. Hat. "God I love that movie. Aren't they great?" woman says.
"Who?" I reply.
"The movie," she says.
"What?" I am still baffled until she points at my hat ... just like the last person who pointed at my hat last week.
Maybe I need a walker-rear-view-mirror that continuously shows me what words I am
wearing on the front of my hat!!

Photo: "Boondock Saints" with 'Jaffar at the door. Connor to Murphy: "We have to f*** with him ..."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Now that The Chase is done I do have to decide

The funny thing about needing to pick who is next, is all these people have an opinion. Phones calls, twitter, Facebook, texting ... people actually are really concerned about who I will be watching. It's not going to be them sitting through hours of TV and movies -- which I look forward to -- but everyone who contacts me has a favorite and gives me all the reasons I should watch their choice and I mean favorites who are not even on the list. I had to draw the line somewhere.

I guess some people just want their choice chosen. And that is cool. Makes sense and I will make someone happy. I can't make them all happy and will be honest, the poll is not actuate anymore. I haven't been keeping up on it. And I do know who is out in front as favorite.

You know who should pick who I watch next? I just this second thought of it.
Mr. Reedus should pick his successor -- oh wait a minute --- that's terrible idea!! LOL Gee, I wonder who he would pick. LOL I do have to keep this fair. LOL

Having found "The Chase" and watched it today -- with Mr. Reedus in a recognizable a
role -- I'm down to five more movies -- just five. I don't know if I feel like "Whoo Hoo ... I did it!!" Or "Damn, I'm going to miss this guy ..." How about a little bit of both? Cuz I did sorta got used to seeing his face all the time, and I so got used
to hearing him talk, even when he was on the TV in the other room and I was on the computer in my office. I could be done by the end of the week if I pushed hard, but I am thinking there is an LA trip coming up for them and I think I can get some serious viewing done before everyone gets back.

There was a line that I really liked in "The Chase" ... one of those "Ew ... me ... me ... me ... I wanna ..." Let me see if I can nail it: "Sometimes you spend so much time on the run you forget who you are. But you never forget who it is you are after ... " I loved it. I think that is close. Wonder who wrote it.

Bottom photo: The Chase: Left: Norman Reedus as The Dangerous Guy; Right: Micheal Laurence as Dangerous Guy #2

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tony the Driver ..

For those who have asked, no I have not seen the Lexus commercial and I do not foresee it happening. My computer refuses to download it. I tried three different times, weeks apart and even used alternate computers in the house. Must be our connection. The commercial comes in all broken up. I've seen the "Which way do we turn?" The coffee cup in the face. The knife in the tire -- nice knife by the way -- I'd carry it. And I saw the driving into the semi truck. And that's it. Won't go any further and won't play any other scenes so I live deprived. :(

Clown ...

"Clown", six minute short
Directed by Tate Steinsiek
Staring: Peter Green, Norman Reedus and
Paul Sampson
Winner of the 2008 Best Short Film

Hard to find this film until you have the location, then it's easy:

I read a review of this short online which said, in essence, "... could we please have Mr. Reedus in a role where he is actually recognizable ..." and I got to thinking about that. I could be totally off on my assumption but I am thinking if every publication that ever came out on you associated you with Prada, good looks, Saints, appearance -- and to my knowledge every publication I have read mentions all those things -- tossing in a comment about pretty blue eyes and -- okay -- I don't want to be one of those publications -- but they all mention the current projects, the past projects and all of the things I just listed. The point is, if so much of what people say is about how you look, maybe taking on that role that totally throws you into someone else, a different persona with a totally different face, wouldn't that be challenging and alot fun?

I will admit, I had trouble pin pointing during my first run threw where Mr. Reedus was, though I did recognize Peter Greene right away, and then went and looked up
Paul Sampson's career -- both amazing actors, too.

I must be at thirty movies or more into the IMDB list and I coming up on almost done. And I couldn't see him. However the one thing I have become extremely familiar with is
Mr. Reedus' voice and though he did cover it, you can catch it if you know it.

Did I like this piece? I am not sure yet. It was more different than anything I have seen either watching this actors work or any one else', but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Might actually open up a whole new genre for me and that would be a good outcome to all this viewing. I didn't not like, but I think my vote is still out. I would definitely recommend it.

In a mere six minutes, there was a definite theme, with a past and a present, showing how the actions done to a child can effect the future. There was good vs. bad with the bad represented by religion, though even the good was not as good as it could have been -- the sins of the father coming back to haunt the actions of the son. To deliver all of this in so short of time, while using clowns as the medium, that was pretty amazing. So many people are terrified by clowns, yet here, even when they are creepy, you want to follow. Think about that -- tons of people scared of clowns and as a population we march ourselves to the circus to let everyone go see what they are afraid of. We should just have them do it underground, with snakes and a airplane -- oh sorry -- those are mine!! :)

Four things I am terrified of: flying, anacondas, being underground and answering the phone with one person on the other end -- one in particular. Thank goodness for caller ID! And if one of my friends really thinks I am jumping out of an airplane with her ... Ha ha ha ...

Back on point ... yeah, I think this was a really interesting piece, most defiantly the most unusual I have seen so far. And with, I think, six left to go, it might remain the most interesting.