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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Walls ...

"Walls" by Jack Roberts, 2006 Starring Jayce Bartok, Greg Haberny and Norman Reedus

“PRODUCTION: Shot over 7 days, spread out over 6 months. Walls is a short film based on a feature screen play called "Livingston Ave." Which is currently being shopped for funding.”

A short, twenty minute film, not easy to locate on the Internet.


"Walls" is the condensed story of Jay Styles, his rise to fame, the loss of his brother and the article Rolling Stones wants to do on it.

A vivid recollection of past and present, of the brotherly love obvious even when sex, drugs and rock & roll are ripping them apart. I really enjoy watching these short pieces as so much is packed into a small amount of time, making you want more and more. Mr. Reedus' part as Henry Flesh, Rolling Stones reporter is actually a pretty damn cool part to play when you are a writer looking at the performance and thinking what an amazing job that must be.

“Is that what the whole Keith experience influence is?” Flesh asks.

The Keith experience? We finally get to that, huh?”

“It’s unavoidable," Flesh shrugs.

The Keith Experience was a driving force behind this band. His presence on stage, his dynamics and on the night they signed their first contract, he died of an overdose, leaving his brother, Jay, in a prolonged mixture of sorrow, grief and memories.

This was an emotional film to view, shot with beautiful cinematography showing a mixture of the bands past while Keith was alive, and the movements of Jay though his life as he continued to move forward all the while grieving the brother he couldn't save.

A must see.


  1. couldn't agree with you more. Loved how they got so much into so little time. the journey that Jay went on was sad and heartbreaking...all in all a definate must see for short film fans.

  2. Jacqui interesting movie. YOu find the interesting things to watch.

  3. Kathy, not quite. I watch an actor who chooses interesting parts. All I do is find them, watch them and write about them.