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Monday, August 2, 2010

Now that The Chase is done I do have to decide

The funny thing about needing to pick who is next, is all these people have an opinion. Phones calls, twitter, Facebook, texting ... people actually are really concerned about who I will be watching. It's not going to be them sitting through hours of TV and movies -- which I look forward to -- but everyone who contacts me has a favorite and gives me all the reasons I should watch their choice and I mean favorites who are not even on the list. I had to draw the line somewhere.

I guess some people just want their choice chosen. And that is cool. Makes sense and I will make someone happy. I can't make them all happy and will be honest, the poll is not actuate anymore. I haven't been keeping up on it. And I do know who is out in front as favorite.

You know who should pick who I watch next? I just this second thought of it.
Mr. Reedus should pick his successor -- oh wait a minute --- that's terrible idea!! LOL Gee, I wonder who he would pick. LOL I do have to keep this fair. LOL

Having found "The Chase" and watched it today -- with Mr. Reedus in a recognizable a
role -- I'm down to five more movies -- just five. I don't know if I feel like "Whoo Hoo ... I did it!!" Or "Damn, I'm going to miss this guy ..." How about a little bit of both? Cuz I did sorta got used to seeing his face all the time, and I so got used
to hearing him talk, even when he was on the TV in the other room and I was on the computer in my office. I could be done by the end of the week if I pushed hard, but I am thinking there is an LA trip coming up for them and I think I can get some serious viewing done before everyone gets back.

There was a line that I really liked in "The Chase" ... one of those "Ew ... me ... me ... me ... I wanna ..." Let me see if I can nail it: "Sometimes you spend so much time on the run you forget who you are. But you never forget who it is you are after ... " I loved it. I think that is close. Wonder who wrote it.

Bottom photo: The Chase: Left: Norman Reedus as The Dangerous Guy; Right: Micheal Laurence as Dangerous Guy #2

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