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Monday, August 23, 2010

Backlogging: Moscow Chill

Moroz po kozhe or Moscow Chill, 2007

Filmed and Released in Europe. Released in America under the name "Moscow Chill" on DVD in 2009. I think it was.

I read in a review – and then, of course, couldn’t find again to back this up -- that "Moroz po kozhe" was extremely popular in Europe and Asia, but never released in theaters in America. I can't prove I read that, but I really did! Though it didn't make much sense to me as I did really love this movie which was a perfect example of range of performance by Mr. Reedus: Ray vs Mac vs. Murphy.

In this film, computer hacker, Ray Perso, can make ATM machines spit cash, which lands him in a rehab institute with the declaration he can never use a computer again.

My favorite scene in the movie, which actually has little to do with the plot is when one of the doctors in the center asks “Do you think this glass is half full Ray, or half empty ...” The look on Ray's face as he dead pans this idiot, giving no answer, is classic. His answer was in that one look.

The only problem I would have with this part – and I am wondering if it is a bad one – but it would be Ray's opinion to the abduction out of the center by two Russians and his only reaction being a shocked sigh once he realizes where they were heading – Moscow. I think talking your way out, maybe bribery, a damn computer code might have been in order instead of getting on a plane with total strangers to a place you had never been to do something you have no clue about. That's a long flight to be thinking "Humph ..."

Ray had a quiet resignation of “Sure” in the situation and then he explained to the heavy weight, Dolphin, the theory in Greek Mythology Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. Zeus then punished him for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day. Ray liked this story. He mentioned it a few times.

Ray was very easy going. And really a nice, nice guy. Nice to the girl, nice to her son, nice to her dad. Hell, I think he would have been nice to the bear if it had gotten any closer. Ray was one of my favorite characters portrayed by Mr. Reedus because he was more interested in the people and not the money and the circumstances. He hated witnessing a meaningless murder. He really did try to adjust, to come to terms with what he was being sucked into, but when it came down to killing, he didn't want to. It was merely do or die.

And in the end -- he walked away from the chance for the money so he could instead have a chance at the family.

Pretty cool. And Ray remains one of my all time favorites!! :)

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  1. Ray is also one of my favorite characters portrayed by Mr. Reedus. he's a down to earth every day guy caught up in an extraordinary situation. I too loved the glass 1/2 full or empty...laughed way too hard at his expression. this movie proves that the good guy does get what he really wants out of life...a family.