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Friday, August 6, 2010

"The Notorious Bettie Page ..."

As portrayed in this film, Bettie Page, when given the choice of Door A or Door B, almost always picked the door which wasn't going to lead to her happiness. It wasn't from lack of trying, but it seemed to be more from a trusting of people -- even when she shouldn't have. Her life did have aspects of tragedy and sadness and in researching the real person -- which I sought out as this film was intriguing -- she did have it pretty rough, though knew how to bounce back and stand strong.

If I stick to the film, I would say Mr. Reedus’ rush in as Billy Neal, and his assements of the first meeting, well as a romance writer, any man who tells his best friend four minutes after meeting the girl “I’m going to marry her and I have to flutter a bit. It's the happily ever after in me. To see this character, Neal, portrayed as he was, though, I would have to object, but only cuz I read up on the guy and he did get a bum wrap in the movie. He went into the army, she traveled with him, didn't like it and divorced him when they got back. In the movie, they gave her another reason.

And me, thinking as I saw him in that chair, totally miserable and regretful, his leg wiggling in nervousness as he flicked the end of the cigarette, even I who would hit back thought, “Ah … he’s too cute … look at that face … give him one more chance.”

I would say that was because of the performance of the actor and not the writers or biographers putting it in the script.

Once again, far too little screen time in a really excellent film that changed from black & white to color with not much rhythm or reason. It was a fun watch that I got everyone in the house to see when they usually watch my list with -- um -- resistance -- no offence to the actor. I just usually watch alone.

I did love Gretchen Mol’s performance and yeah … my husband was right ... she’s got a body to die for … or at least to think “Why can’t I look like that ... ?" LOL We got to know her last year as “Nutless” in the short lived series “Life on Mars” with Harvey Keitel. Really liked that show and was sorry to see it not renewed.

I didn’t eat any cookies for this part as I didn’t think anything bad happened. No one died that I saw and though Billy Neal didn't act too nicely all the time, I didn't think what he did was Oreo worthy. If I am mistaken, please let me know and I will have three cookies!! ;)

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  1. Black and white to color within the film was explained in the commentary. Also, Bettie and Billy briefly remarried later in life but divorced again.