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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Again? Really? Am I that gulliable? LOL

My kids said I am gullible ... and then they proved it within a minute!!
"We saw Tom Cruise at Magic Mt!"
"Really? Cool!!"
I think they almost broke something laughing!! :)
However: Today. Walking. Hat. "God I love that movie. Aren't they great?" woman says.
"Who?" I reply.
"The movie," she says.
"What?" I am still baffled until she points at my hat ... just like the last person who pointed at my hat last week.
Maybe I need a walker-rear-view-mirror that continuously shows me what words I am
wearing on the front of my hat!!

Photo: "Boondock Saints" with 'Jaffar at the door. Connor to Murphy: "We have to f*** with him ..."

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