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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Overworked and Underpaid ...

All those who know that I have a lecture due tomorrow -- on Time Management for Writers, raise your hand! You are so good and know me so well. Three more to go with a vaca to a "resort" for my 27th anniversary in the middle of it all. Man, I need it.

I also got six proposals out for more classes next year, I worked on one article and I am writing the new book -- anyone, anyone at all know this is the glamorous life of a writer -- in my office, over worked and underpaid with five chinchillas and a collie who hates the storms? That's it -- I see you -- with the hands up waving in the back of the room. Thank you for recognizing the work even if the paychecks are not what they should be. It does pay to love your job. I am a grown up with imaginary friends and can't ask for much more.

And Davis ... poor Davis. FBI Special Agent Davis Brieve, with his PhD in Criminal Psychology, his Masters in Criminal Justice and that one language he knows pretty damn well -- cuz well, you know those Special Agents -- they do things like that. I am glad to report he did kiss the girl -- rather nicely, too (I had my friend check to make sure!!) -- in the parking garage, and he did get to curl up with her and sleep -- only sleep. He is still lacking in some departments, but we are just starting to really get to know each other, so we have time. He is a cool guy and doesn't mind being patient.

Which is good because until I get caught up with the rest of work --

Does anyone see any movies around here? On the movie watching blog?

Oh, I want to see a good movie. I haven't seen one in a couple weeks, though I did start watching 3rd Rock From the Sun from the beginning. Excellent show. Forgot how good that was. I have two reviews almost done: one with Mr. Reedus, one on JGL and still don't know which direction I am going to go as I have heard so much from camps, the fans of each actor, and it has been confusing.

In the meantime, while I make up my mind, I think I will go type out a few pages on -- does anyone want to help me name this new book? I was thinking of "Desperate Measures" but that is rather over used and doesn't say very much. I need to think of something better -- and then maybe -- the overworked will be followed my OVER paid!!


  1. Overworked? Yup.

    Underpaid? Yup, Yup.

    Love it anyway? Hell yes!

    And you're right about that kiss--hot, sexy and oh-so-delightful. They're in for a treat.

  2. Thank you friend who read it!! LOL Feel better!!

  3. Uhm I can't claim to that right now. I've been doing nothing but playing at writing since I quit my "day job" on 27 May. But living with my sister can be so annoying. BUt have you seen Avatar Jacqui????????? It is a great movie I loved it. Even if I did see it on DVD lol. Hope you find a good name for the book.