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Thursday, August 19, 2010

RESULTS: Who Do YOU want in your LifeBoat

Okay ... I know ... I know ... everyone is living and breathing to know the results ... LOL And let me just tell you that all of the answers were fantastic. It was through an intricate voting system devised by me and a seventeen old genius that we were able to come up with fair --

Okay --- we assigned everyone a number and drew them out of ... well ... pile on my desk. I didn't have a hat and we really are not very sophisticated around here. :)

For the Poll: The numbers are are follows for who would keep you alive in a your Life Boat:

Arthur: 28%
MacGyver: 35%
Gibbs w/ Tony 7%
Johnny Depp 14%
Viggo 0%
Buffy 14%

It was admitted to me that Johnny Depp was only wanted for the sex and rum ... :)
For me, I would have voted for Arthur twice if the program would have let me cheat!! :)

The Who Do You Want in Your Life Boat Question?

The Award goes to Joanne with this answer:

"Clearly the only practical answer is MacGyver. He could whip together a helicopter out of palm fronds and rubber bands. I was going to say the Professor from Gilligan's Island, but although he could make cars and radios out of coconuts, he couldn't manage to fix a hole in a boat. Plus MacGyver will develop all those alien connections. A Stargate might come in handy."

And lastly, the Follower whose name was drawn?

Josie @ http://takeonehundred.blogspot.com

Thank you for playing with me, guys. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again soon!


1 comment:

  1. Life boat... good question

    Johny Depp for lust and fun
    Russell Brand for sheer enjoyment
    Ewan McGregor for soul
    David Gilmour for the music of life
    Julia Child to cook for us all and for love of life :~)

    and most definitaly not MacGyver... with all these on my island I would want not...and he just isn't my cup of tea