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Thursday, August 5, 2010

"I murdered my best friend last night ..."

"I murdered my best friend ..." That is the first thing I said to my hubby this morning. "Naw," he said without opening his eyes. "It was more like manslaughter. "

Never did figure out where or who the wallpaper on my phone came from, but then, guess it doesn't really matter. I had it for roughly fourteen hours, I figure. That was about the time distance between "Woe, like that photo ..." and "Oh my god Larry, get the phone, get the phone ..."

Yeah. Ice tea. I do admit I make a very big glass when I make one and yes, my former phone fits totally and perfectly into it. We really did think we got it out before any damage was done. I mean, really? Barely even touched the stuff but the CPR did not work and I am now phone less.

Oh, I hate being phone less. A literal conversation I had about ten days ago:

"What does your phone do, Jax?"

"We'll let's see, it's got two e-mail accounts, Twitter, Facebook. I have my Google and my blog on there. The camera of course, it's the only one I have now. Texting. The Daily Calendar and the Task List and my alarm clock. And the med alarm clock and I use it as a flashlight when I walk around at night."

"Can you make a **call** on it?!"

LOL Oh ... **that **!!

Oh, who am I kidding? I've known for four months my phone needed replacing. The lock button was broken so it would seal up spontaneously and then not come undone. It only happened about every four days, but then I had to pull out the battery and do a soft reset five times on the day it was picky. The zero didn't work, so when I typed in my password to retrieve messages, it would go for like fifteen seconds before letting me move on ... and no ... I don't mind I just gave you the first digit of my password. Might give you all of them you asked nice, but really, my messages are not that interesting. :) Of course I NEVER answer the phone if I don't know the number coming in ... save 212 numbers (agent in New York) ... so I do have alot that go to voice mail.

Does anyone else have numbers programed as "Don't Ever Answer" or "Ignore this Person" so that when they call, that's what the screen reads? :)

Back to the phone: I am sorry that hubby and seriously discussed yesterday at lunch that now that the day planner was fully installed and working again, I should back up as soon as we bought a cord today. But I will chalk that up to the gremlins who installed a new wallpaper on my phone and then set it. Was awfully nice of them in that regard, unless they were setting me up for ice tea ...

Now I just have to decided what to do when my ... what is it? My BlackBerry "Tour" was discontinued ... guess I am getting a "Bold"? Well that's a dumb name ... but anyway ... now I just have to decide what wallpaper I will use now ... :)

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