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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rallies vs. Movies Jon Stewart/Stephen Cobert

Have returned home from both the Rally to Restore Sanity and the Rally to Keep Fear Alive. After the diversion to JFK from Philllie on the way to Phoenix and that many hours on the tarmack waiting to take off -- at one point -- I think they planned to drive the plane home -- I am not sure if my sanity is restored or my fear is still intact. Will have to check back.

Do know that I did meet with about 215,000 of my closest friends and we had a great time. Also saw some cool things in both DC and Phillie -- including Ben Franklin's grave and the place where my parents had me lay down when I was nine to see who was taller, me or Ben. Pretty fantastic trip and my daughter states that besides Jon Stewart and Stephen Cobert, sitting in the same pew George Washington sat in for church was one of the coolest things we did. We ever removed the pad so we could sit on the gorgeous bare wood.

Amazing trip!! Back to JGL when I wake up as I do plan on sleeping for the week.

Monday, October 25, 2010

First Movie Up: Treasure Planet ...

Treasure Planet

Disney Production, 2002

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jim Hawkins in this animated version of the Robert Lewis Stevenson Classic

Okay, so maybe it isn't the most sophisticated place to start reviewing Mr. Gordon-Levitt's movies, but it does have the most meaning for my family what with "Treasure Island", being my oldest daughters all time favorite book. We really enjoyed the film as a family.

And man, it was just a whole lot of fun to watch.

I did read a review on this movie, by high ranking reviewers’ type personnel, claiming that the existence of this movie is unnecessary. That the story had been done enough times -- The Muppets had done it in 1996 with Kermit playing an amazing Captain Smollet, but then Kermit usually nails whatever role he plays (I am a long fan and read his biography last year, though I did hear it was ghost written).

But so what? This movie has been done but it was never done like this. With much visual excitement. With the unbelievable -- galleons in space -- presented in a way that actually worked. The villains, as in true Disney fashion, were portrayed by creepy crawly creatures, were creepy enough to keep even the adult son the edge of their chair.

Joseph Gordon Levitt, resembling his animated self -- well it is harder to evaluate a

performance just on voice: "Wow, he sounded great!!" But I can say, from the moment he screeched across the barrier into the bad area, cops right on his tail, there was no doubt who we were watching. And he did make a really, really great Jim Hawkins!

And the supporting cast such as Martin Short as Ben -- Perfect!! '"Was I dancing with an android named Lupe?" :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life with One Arm ... :)

Couple years ago I had to wear an eye patch for three days. Kids renamed me 'Cap'ain One Eyed Jax' and the pirate jokes abounded. I innocently asked my son to mop the kitchen and he altered personalities in a heart beat, "We don't mop floors" he said his blackbeard accent, "wesa swab zee decks ..."

Wearing a eye patch has nothing on wearing a full arm cast. For one thing, did you know how much more chocolate you have to eat when you have a full arm cast to ease the pain of wearing an arm cast?

Man, have you ever noticed how hard it is to put on your bra when you can only use one arm?
Opening Gatorade? You wear half, but that is okay, you still have half to drink. And you don"t need the drink for your walks as you can't walk -- the passion of your life -- since you can't tie your shoes.

It's been eight weeks now and heading toward the end mark ... though not quite as sure as I refuse to go back and have it checked out. But hey, when they wanted me to come back they mentioned needles, surgery and recovery time so I will go with my choice of "wait and see for six months" and then decide. In the mean time, full cast at night, brace during the day and being back when I type. Cuz when you type with a cast, it's even worse then the cat running across the keyboard!!

Introducing Joseph Gordon-Levitt

And let's introduce our next guest. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Just shy of thirty years old with just about as many movie credits, if you don't count the 133 episodes of Third Rock. I think we will be together for four or five months depending on how life behaves.

Nathan Fillion, world famous Tweeter,

Tweeted this -- did I get those tenses right? He said last week:

"Inception. All I'm gonna say is: Hotel hallway. That's a long way from 3rd Rock from the Sun. Nice."

Sorta had to say I felt the exact same way.

In one movie, the character Arthur went from "Whao-kid in Third Rock" to "Okay, you can watch my back."

Because anyone’s back that Arthur was watching would be totally safe.

I have always had this joke question I ask people: Who would you want in your Life Boat, after the boat sank? I asked it once and everyone answered me about who they would have sex with while on the island, while I was going for "Really? How about getting to the island, finding shelter, water ... you know ... those little pesky things like Keeping Me Alive?"

I always have had two choices for my Life Boat: Tony DiNozzo from "NCIS" and Sam Axe from "Burn Notice." Either one of those men would never give up until everyone was safe. And then I met Arthur. Man, put Arthur in my boat ... cuz asleep or awake, coma or not, he was never going to let anything happen to you.

I am looking forward to getting to know your work better.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Closing Mr. Reedus Out ...

It's time to move on. I am closing Mr. Reedus out.
Which is sorta sad as I really enjoyed watching Mr. Reedus in so many parts -- I think "Beat" was my favorite -- well -- if you don't count Murphy and I wasn't watching him to study for character development. If I set out at the beginning to see an actor move from role to role, making each one unique and individual than I did start out with the right actor as Mr. Reedus did teach me a lot about fictional people and imaginary friends ;)

Fiction writers -- we have a lot of imaginary friends and they hang out for a long, long time with us. From page one of the novel to "The End." And man, if they have developed themselves in our minds right, they never stop talking!! ;)

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Reedus this past weekend in Los Angeles and I can honestly say that not only is he an amazing actor to watch and study, but he is truly a nice man, too. He was nice to me and more important, nice to my daughter -- which a Mom always appreciates.

So, thank you Mr.Reedus for putting up with me, my questions and my presence as I worked my way through your catalog. You taught me a lot -- about how to give my characters more depth, as well as how to share a smile and make someone feel conformable.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Discovered New Artist with a Great Picture ...

Since we have been following the career and movies of an actor who helped the Boondock Saints come to life, this drawing stood out with me this last weekend when I met a rather young, but amazingly talented new artist who rendered this drawing of the famous shoot out scene in The Boondock Saints.

She was even given assistance by two of the three portrayed on how to make it just perfect.

And then, when done, all three autographed it, making her day -- week -- undisclosed length of time. :)

Excellent job ....

Portrayed in the drawing left to right: Sean Patrick Flanery, David Della Rocco and Norman Reedus.

Artist: Bridgette M. Wilson

Returning to Work and Life ...

It has been one hell of a run the last month or so. You can tell by the date of the last blog entry -- not to mention the fact the house is a wreck, we eat take out. There are no clean clothes right now and I do have to get back to work. Fourth Sword still needs editing and Silent Echos -- also known as "Davis" needs writing. Was thinking I might pull up that short I had been working on and finish that, too.

But alas, until this **fabulous** weekend in LA, hanging out with family and new "friends" that were sooo cool -- I feel wonderful -- beyond wonderful ... I soooo needed it ... and now I can get back to everything I am supposed to be doing while still dealing with everything that keeps showing up.

And I learned that when you are at a Horror Convention, you can still get your walk in if you do laps around the vendors and go by time on your watch and not just with distance and your iPod play list. Just make sure you wear your glasses so you don't run - literally - into anyone important. :)

The cartoon ... that's actually not a cat. That's a photograph of me and what I have looked like and felt like for the last four plus weeks.

Three more Reedus reviews and then I really do move on ...