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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life with One Arm ... :)

Couple years ago I had to wear an eye patch for three days. Kids renamed me 'Cap'ain One Eyed Jax' and the pirate jokes abounded. I innocently asked my son to mop the kitchen and he altered personalities in a heart beat, "We don't mop floors" he said his blackbeard accent, "wesa swab zee decks ..."

Wearing a eye patch has nothing on wearing a full arm cast. For one thing, did you know how much more chocolate you have to eat when you have a full arm cast to ease the pain of wearing an arm cast?

Man, have you ever noticed how hard it is to put on your bra when you can only use one arm?
Opening Gatorade? You wear half, but that is okay, you still have half to drink. And you don"t need the drink for your walks as you can't walk -- the passion of your life -- since you can't tie your shoes.

It's been eight weeks now and heading toward the end mark ... though not quite as sure as I refuse to go back and have it checked out. But hey, when they wanted me to come back they mentioned needles, surgery and recovery time so I will go with my choice of "wait and see for six months" and then decide. In the mean time, full cast at night, brace during the day and being back when I type. Cuz when you type with a cast, it's even worse then the cat running across the keyboard!!

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  1. I can't imagine doing that--esp if it was my non-dominate left arm that I was stuck using!