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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just two guys out for a walk ...

Just two guys out for a stroll. They are hard to miss to start with because -- well I am not going to go into details about how adorable they are. One has his head down, mostly looking at the street where he walks. The other one looks comfortable and in control. It's not either of those two things that draws attention. Sometimes they have on matching shades, sometimes they don't. Across the bridge, to the plaza, heading to an unknown destination -- for the viewer -- as these two men know exactly where they are going and for what purpose. The nerves show even as they try to hide them. They have matching shoes. Matching jeans. Matching shirts. Matching coats. And, in their hands, ominous matching black satchels that might make someone ask "Ew ... whacha got in the bag?"

How come no one in Boston noticed these two guys? Just curious. I mean, I'm glad they weren't noticed as they completed stage one of their plan, but wouldn't these two men dressed like this, carrying those bags, wouldn't someone had remembered something when the police showed up to ask questions? :)

Photo: "Boondock Saints" Left: Norman Reedus as Murphy; Right: Sean Patrick Flanery as Connor.

Philosophy: Boondock Saints Style ... Rocco ...

One of the things that amazes me about the "Boondock Saints" films is that Troy Duffy wrote these words, the dialog that makes you think. The courtroom scene? The dream scene in "All Saints Day"? And this, my favorite: this scene, this dialog is the type of inspirational print I would frame and hang on my office wall to look at every day and think ... yeah ... I get it!!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Sand vs. Red Canyon ...

It's not a secret that I am here alone any more then it's a secret that when I am alone, I keep movies playing in the other room to keep me company. We have a very active household so when it suddenly goes dead quiet, it can be unnerving.

So I turn on movies even if I am not watching them so that I can hear the voices in the next room. As I have said, the distance between my office where my desk is and the big screen in the living room is fifteen feet, maybe, give or take, depending on my math skills for the day.

So today I am sorting through DVD's, trying to pick out the one I will listen to, as these last few months, yeah, I generally turn on repeats with one theme. What can I say ... I like the voice. Mellow and easy to listen to. Very soothing.

So today I am going through them -- the DVDs -- and I end up holding two, and I look at them in my hands. In the left, "Sand"; in the right, "Red Canyon." I actually stopped and paused and thought about the difference in the two characters portrayed in the two parts.

In "Sand" there was Jack, the loving big brother who adored his sister, Sandy; and who would do anything for her, to protect her and keep her safe, make her happy. When she wanted a relationship, Jack saw her needs and kept his apprehension to himself. He was really cool and the type of big brother any girl would want.

In "Red Canyon ... and this is where is gets interesting ... Mr. Reedus plays the exact character that Jack in "Sand" fought against. If anything, Mac, in "Red Canyon" was even worse then the villains of "Sand" as I don't remember them actually hitting or kicking any chicks. They just used psychological torture, though I don't think the beating part would have been passed them.

"Sand" came out in 2000.
"Red Canyon" came out in 2008.
Eight year difference. Look at the two different looks in these two faces. Same actor, though you can barely tell by these faces. That's amazingly good.

I liked both movies and both gave me an uncomfortable feeling of wanting to look over my shoulder.

In "Sand", read over the "Red Canyon" post and the theory of "self defense" might scream through. In "Sand" the one and only thing that bothered me with the plot was if the good guys happen do have a run in with the bad guys, and the good guys get the upper hand ... Take the guns!! That way the bad guys can't come back and use them again later. But it was okay ... good guys still prevailed and there was a happily ever after ending in that movie.

I think this actually might be one of the most interesting comparisons you can make in the Reedus catalog. I know there is a rep there to play ... not villains ... I have always argued that point ... but there have been a lot of the anti-heroes. I think I read a quote just recently where Mr. Reedus said he has killed someone in just about every part he played. I can argue this point, too, and not just because I like to argue and be difficult. I have merely just recently seen all the films back to back and can line them up and there are some it was close, but no, Mr. Reedus did not cause all the demises. "Bad Seed" was the most confusing and then I realize "Oh, yeah ... that counts ..."

It was interesting to put these two films side by side and think about them like this, with characters that were very similar, though played by different actors -- and in this case, one of those actors, playing two totally opposite parts. I would say good job. Very good job.

Now I have to work. I really am supposed to be working. I do really have a job and a couple deadlines coming up ... :)

Photos: Top: "Sand's" Jack; Bottom: "Red Canyons'" Mac.

Home alone and proving it ... :)

I am home alone for the next few days while my family is in Los Angeles, so I just want to prove what I have been saying all along:

There are the painted toes!! Aren't the cute with the flowers?; you can see the jeans -- you can probably even see that I haven't mopped!!

As for the shirt I am wearing, you can refer back to "Getting Started" or just take a guess right now!!

Off for my TV Dinner!! :)

Honoring Doug -- If I had gone to Los Angeles ...

The trip had been planned for months but it wasn't until this last week when we started really nailing down the details of where and who and when.

"What day are we going to see Doug?" my civil engineer hubby of many, many years -- by the way - his name is Larry. My civil engineer hubby of many, many years, his name is Larry. So, what I should have said here was: "What day are we going to see Doug?" Larry asked me.

He didn't ask me if or should or any other word. He asked me when. When we go to LA, we got to Hollywood and to Hollywood Forever Memorial park. Period.

When I got sick last spring and spent time in the hospital one of the officials wanted to argue this practice with me:word. He asked when. Me, going down to Hollywood to take flowers Douglas Fairbanks, Jr's grave is a given. We go to LA, we go to Hollywood, we go to Hollywood Forever and we place a bouquet on Doug's grave -- always the same bouquet so he always knows it's from me: three white carnations and three purple iris'.

"You spend all this time and money to go visit a guy who you never knew, who never knew you, who you will never have a chance to know and who has no idea that you do this for him, and you think this is a good waste of your time

Really? You want to talk after life? For all you know he standing right there thinking "Wow, Jax is back, thank you ..." Or not. I don't think I am actually in a position to make that call on philosophy and life after death, but if you called Ab Lincoln your hero and took him flowers would anyone give you grief?

I like Doug. And yes, you will notice I am on a first name basis with him rather than other people who appear on this site, even though Doug and I have never been properly introduced. I first became aware of him when I was fifteen and saw "Gunga Din" for the first time at 2:00am when I was home alone. I became reacquainted with him a few years ago when I was watching "Gunga Din" cuz I love Cary Grant.

Doug's IMDB page blew me away. This was an actor, right?

Not exactly. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, son of silent film great, Douglas Fairbanks, was an actor, but he was also a sculptor, an artist, a published writer. He spoke a multitude of languages, was very active in politics, going as far as to serve as Special Anvoy to Brasil, appoint by FDR himself. Raised by his mom in Paris, London and New York, he gave up his career in Hollywood during WWII to serve in the Navy, ranking fairly high on the ship he was on. He helped developed a program called "Beach Jumpers" that is still used today in some branches of the military. Though married briefly to Joan Crawford, he was with the love of his life, Mary Lee, until she died. They were together over forty years. He knew Winston Churchill, the Royal Family, presidents of the US, and, of course Hollywood ... and he reached out to all of them, helping where he could. I read both his autobiographies and enjoyed every word. When he died in 2000, the announcement took up the whole front of the London Times and flags in England were flown half mast.

He was an extremely accomplished and amazing man, and when I got sick last year it was his two books sitting on my nightstand that sometimes were the source of me thinking "Well, if Doug can do it, I can get up, too." He got me to school when I didn't think I could go. I typed when I thought it would be too much ... always thinking that this man did so much with the years he was given, I want to do that, too.

So yes, I do call him by his first name and I do take him flowers whenever I am in town and I always like to say thanks to him when no one is looking!! :) If he is standing around thinking how nicel it is to get flowers again, cool. If not, who did it hurt regardless of what some official in a hospital might think. Makes me feel good. :)

These photos, which I would have retaken this coming weekend, these were taken two visits ago in April 2009. Bottom photo of me, one of most popular I use in work? No one has ever realized I am actually sitting on a grave in it ... now you know ... :)

New Mini People's Choice Award: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Kids choice of who to watch next: Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Got to admit, the chewing off the clothes, it's a plus. But then, that's just me ... :)

As for credit, lets take a look: 58 credits on IMDB. I would not mind watching him in the least, and I can finally get my civil engineer hubby of many, many years to watch "Third Rock from the Sun" with me. As a anti-sit-com type person -- him, not me -- I never get company when I sit down to watch them.

How many ... 133 episodes. Woe ... we are talking alot of "Third Rock from the Sun." Not that I would mind, but it so would extend the life of the list as that is the kind of show the family would insist on watching together ... which will be tough as one of us -- not me -- leaves for a year of school in Taiwan in three weeks.

Have already seen "Inception" and man, I adored Arthur. Shot right up to the top ten of my all time favorite characters. He was the kind of guy you can always count on, whether you are in a coma or not!! Whatever you need, Arthur will get the job done and he will cover your back.Loved him!

Okay ... I am going to think about this!! Cuz ... really ... this wasn't even the best of the photos my daughter sent me!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kissing? What? Are you kidding?

Family just left for LA without me as planned. It's okay, I can deal with it. Actually doing better today and broke in the walking shoes this morning.

But what the .... ?

Walked husband to the car, gave him a kiss, he steps back and he says ... I'm not kidding ...

"Is that how Reedus kisses?"

I actually had to stare at him for a good fifteen to twenty seconds trying to work the statement out. "What?" I finally gasped.

"You heard me," he said, smiling ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. "Does he?"

"You're k-i-d-d-i-n-g?"

"No, what do you think?" He thinks this clever ... cleaver ... clever ... oh, hell ... either work in this conversation!!. LOL

"What?" I said again, trying to not only form sentences but thoughts. "I watch the movies and I don't actually watch them that close ..."

I think have finally figured it out: the great mystery in life: men are idiots!! No offense to some ... :)

Photo: from "Until the Night"

Thank you Mr. Reedus ... this is what I am reduced to ... :)

Yeap ... this is what I am eating now ... sigh ...

Only seven more movies. How many more cookies could I possibly need to eat?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Canyon ... Direct Letter to ... :)

A summary at the end of a note will not suffice ... not on this one ... so

Dear Mr. Reedus,

You win!! You finally win!! After viewing more films then I count off the top of my head, after reading in so many interviews that you thought you always played the villain ...

... I have argued and defended and always
said "Naw ... you can look at those characters as ... (pick a characteristic that works)"
and usually, yeah. But this time ... LOL ...

... yeah ... you get this one! Hands down. LOL Not only the villain, but one of the baddest, as in his personality and not performance,
that I have ever seen. I used to think Burke ("AlienS") was the worse guy ever, but Mac? Mac just kept elevating his ability to outdo himself in evilness all through the film.

My one objection in the movie -- and it will be a big one that effects the whole plot -- it was the
character Regina. I have this huge thing about
female characters who cannot take of
themselves. Stems from my own background.
In 1977 and 1979, when I was still in school, some very bad things happened to some friends and because of that -- well first I got into self defense, in 1979 prior to it being cool for chicks. Then I got into martial arts. Somewhere between those two phases I started writing heroines that kick ass. I teach classes on how to write heroines that kick ass. I got all three of my kids into martial arts in 1997, where they still are, for the sole reason that if anyone messed with them -- well -- let's just say do not sneak up on my kids ... :)

I think maybe, if they were sneaky enough, they could have handled Mac, but damn, start early and do not wait until after the jail escape!!

So I did have problems with Regina and I really wished she would have turned around at some point and just ... I can think of a few things. The reality is, bad things happen to good people and in her case, though I think the deck might stack against her, I do wish she would have dealt with it eight years ago.

With that in mind, did you know it is possible to chew through binds even when gagged? Just a little footnote there. :)

As for Terra ... going over the cliff in that situation ... yeah ... really worked for me, though it did seem a rather permanent solution. I would have done it, too. No question.

Got separated from my family in the middle of the night a few months ago in LA. "What would you have done if I never came back to the hotel?" I asked my husband later. "Well, first," he said "I would have had to come up with the cash and then gone to the jail where you ended up after kicking the ass of whoever that was who messed with you and made it so you didn't get back to the hotel ..." I love my rep. LOL

But that is not the point here ... the point here is yeap, finally a villain and you win this round. There have been a few films I was nervous to watch, but did and then was glad. This one, I saw the previews four months ago and have avoided it like crazy. Again, glad I saw it. Not my kind of topic, but it worked.

And I don't have to eat a single cookie regardless of the rules ... !!:)

Yours respectively,


Red Canyon ... Proof of My Dedication ... :)

Okay ... here I go ... proving my dedication to the movie watching cause: the film where the previews scared me so much I didn't want to see it. And it's not that it's a horror film of anything, it was merely that the subject matter was too intense for for me. And, from the reviews I have just read, if my circumstances were a little different, I might have to eat the entire package of Oreos. As it is, I have to cheat on my own rules as food and I am not getting along very well yet. Well, neither is standing up and me; walking to the other room and me; laying in bed and me? We're getting along just fine!! :)

Oh and those gorgeous new walking shoes -- -- the two of us have so not been properly introduced. Sad. Really sad. Five days now.

Nope ... for now, couch, bottle of Gatorade -- blue -- though I am not sure why anyone would drink something in a shade they would never wear -- but it is what the civil engineer hubby of many, many years brought home and stocked the fridge with, so I drink.

And him? He gets to go to LA tomorrow. So not fair!!

But for the moment, fridge is stocked with G2,
I think there is some dinner left for me for later,
though if not, I will be fine. Whole family just took off for Phoenix for a concert and I am going back up to bed. I have been up for a whole two hours now. Don't want to push it. They are due back at midnight and I will be up way before that to watch -- preferably before dark --"Red Canyon".

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LA, donuts and more movies ...

The good news: wow ... look at all this free time I will have at home this weekend to catch up on movies. I have "8MM" and "Deuces Wild" and "Red Canyon" and ...

Bad news: Sorry Aunties, Cousins, friends of thirty years ... I will not be joining you in LA as planned for the last few months. And Douglas Fairbanks, Jr? No flowers for you this weekend from me.

Bad news: Donut packs bigger punch than anticipated. Other people eat donuts and get fat. I eat a donut ... okay two ... and get a staph infection ... and I am down for the count, on the mat, ready to die. Okay, not quite that bad, though it might feel like it now. But it will be a few weeks before I hit the loops like I planned in my brand new walking shoes which I haven't even broken in yet. And how am I supposed to watch these movies if I can't walk off the cookies ... oh cookies ... blagh ... might be off the mere thought of sweets for awhile. Might have to come up with a back up rule for the movies ... as I do doubt any particular actor I am watching at this time will stay alive and be good in his roles. But I will think of new rules just as soon as I wake up because right now ... Night ...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Killer pastries ...

Let me just deviate from topic one last time, and let me be extremely frank in my message. I do not care how good that four day old donut looks. I do not care how chocolately the frosting still appears. I do not care if you can hear it calling to you from the kitchen when you are in your office with the door shut.

Do Not Eat the Four Day Donut. Trust me. Oh, please god, Trust Me on This!!

Tonight when the worst of the Killer Donut had past, leaving behind the residual that made any hang over I ever had seem good, I had to ponder. If this pastry had done what it set out to do, would the death certificate and/or tombstone read Death by Donut? I'm thinking ... yeap ... that is probably exactly the way I will check out: something stupid, totally preventable by common sense and arriving at the house in a Krispy Kreme box.

Will not be discussing "Moscow Chill" tonight as planned, though I might go lie on the couch and watch another movie. I'm thinking I might be quiet for a day or so, if you can imagine that!! At most, I think I will lay there and think about how I am never going to eat another donut in my entire life!! And just think about how close this was ... I ate the chocolate. Right next to it? Was the cream filled!! I don’t even want to think about that!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Troy Duffy Makes Me Realize I Should Type More

Here is another example of chill giving "I want to write this good ...!" I get the same feeling every single time I watch "12 Angry Men," the original with Henry Fonda. It is one of my all time favorite movies and I do re-watch once or twice a year, each time thinking, as I sit mesmerized and not fiddling around with other things, "Oh ... I want to write shit like this ..."

It is usually at that point that I text my writing partner of fifteen years with the same question every time and every time she always says they exact same thing "Wouldn't we all?" She always does know just the right thing to say. :)

Twelve guys. One room. Two hours. And it works?! Genius. Pure Genesis.

And so is the simplicity, yet brilliance of this, and it makes me want to open a file and start typing:

And shepherds we shall be, for thee
my Lord for thee. Power hath
descended from thy hand that
our feet may swiftly carry out thy
command. So we may flow a river
forth to thee and teaming with souls
shall it ever be. E nomini patri, et
Fili e spiritu sancti.

Thank you Mr. Duffy. :)

More back logging: Tough Luck ...

I have to admit. I didn't really know what this movie was about before I popped it into the DVD player, beyond what the box said. Please, once again, note my main pet peeve of movies and then you will understand why, ten minutes later, I popped it right back out and stared at the shiny silver in my hand, talking to it. "You're kidding? Right? You have to be kidding! You can't start a movie like that!!"

I think it was smiling back at me. Maybe a wink? I don't know. I just know I thought it was an evil DVD for three more days. And in those three days I found every review I could online. Every interview. YouTube clips. Everything anyone could say about it until I was finally convinced to give it another try.

The real clincher that I would watch it? Mr. Reedus himself, in an interview saying he took the part because when he read the script and got to the words 'circus midgets', he had to say yes. Okay ... that was cool. Cool and real, real funny and I was willing to give it another try.

And ... yes ... even more cliche ... for me to realize how dumb I had been. The film was damn worth it. This was an awesome movie. I can't say Mr. Reedus played the hero, though some of his actions were very heroic; I can't say he was the villain, though, yeah, he wasn't exactly a good person most of the time, but he wasn't all bad, either. You don't try to save the girl if you are a bad guy. Was he victim? He did get fooled and but even so, I don't know if you could ever call him a 'victim.'

I can just say that the movie did keep me guessing: what was happening next, who is the bad guy, what are they doing and why? It was a very complicated plot with very complicated
characters but didn't seem too complicated to watch. It was a fun watch, actually. And yeah, when a movie ends that good, I just might be able to forgive that first ten minutes that cost me three days of staring at a DVD that was staring back!! :)

Cusack still ahead of SPF ...

No votes in five days. Mr. Cusack is ahead and leading the way. Should I go ahead and print out the list and start planning and seeing what I will be seeing? Or wait for a last minute rush in votes?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reviewing "Reality and the Day Job " ...

The thing that is getting to me this morning, driving me nuts? Is that I reread over the entry on The Day Job - and I mean reread it and reread it and reread it -- I know for a fact there are two items not listed in the projects I have due and I do not have a clue what they are. Neither does my world World Famous Day Planner, Miguel, which is even scarier. He knows everything. I have theories here: 1) I can continue to stare at the paragraph until I cause neurological damage and then never remember; or 2) knowing me, who does not forget projects and deadlines, assume I will be doing something mundane - like the Tweeting -- when it just hits me and I probably, literally, will yell out loud "Ah ha!!! I knew it!" You will probably hear it where you are!! :)

Okay ... going to go edit and send the due article --on time. And then I thought I might actually find a movie or two to back log here. I was thinking "Tough Luck" and "Moscow Chill."

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thank you Lucien Carr ... You're My New Best Friend ... :)

Thank you Lucien Carr, both of you, you just might save me tonight!

I should have thought of it eight hours ago as I loved the quote and have already mentioned it in the blog ...

"Why don't you just start on the second paragraph?"

~Lucien Carr

I am now going to go start my second paragraph and see where that leads me ...

See, if I hadn't been watching these movies, I might be looking for a bridge right now ... LOL


Top: "Beat": Norman Reedus as Lucien Carr; Ron Livingston as Allen Ginsberg. Bottom: Lucien Carr(left) at Allen Ginnsberg's wedding, 1953

Reality: The Day Job ...

I wonder ... do actors ever show up for the job and think "I am so not getting this today ..." Maybe the character isn't showing up or the script ... actually I don't know about that, though I did come heartbeat away from selling one once -- a script, I mean. Really -- that close -- and then "No thank you."

I do not believe in writer's block anymore than I would believe in "actors block." They don't exist, neither of them. Well, for me writer's block doesn't. You keep at a variety of projects, keeping them going at once, maybe a blog, maybe this blog, maybe a book and an article, and you can rotate them during the day to keep fresh and think clear and type away.

Until today. Today is arguing with me. Book edits due on "The Fourth Sword," new book "Dying to Live" would really like to live and be written; I start a new class in just over a week and need to finish the eight lectures for that; I have an article coming up and ... this guest blog, due tomorrow, that refuses to cooperate. I have already restarted it three times and it is not happy. Well, neither am I for that matter. LOL

Okay, going to take a break. A little dinner out with the hubby and then home and we both go back to finish our due projects in our respective offices and when I get done ... when I get done? This sucker will rock and I will make my deadline!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

For Mr. Reedus ... His newest project ... :)

Boondock Saints Notes: What about Connor?

Sean Patrick Flanery hasn't won yet, but I did just watch the two movies in the last two days ... actually, I didn't watch them. They are more like old friends coming to visit. The distance between my office and the big screen in the living room is one thin wall so I can turn on these two particular films when home alone and not actually have to watch every scene. I can listen while working and still enjoy.

Has anyone realized -- I hadn't -- that I have never discussed “Boondock Saints” as a movie? I reference it, I talk about, I post things about it, but I never talk about it as a whole. I didn't realize that until just now and I think the reason is I always sorta just thought everyone had already seen it so why would I have to talk about it ... :)

But looking back over some of the things I have written, I am beginning to think I may have been wrong in my own assessment. Maybe Murphy is my favorite.  But what about Connor? What is he like? Besides being the oldest, because regardless of what Ma might say, Connor does view himself as Murphy’s big brother and protector. I think Connor's personality can be summed up in one single scene in the first "Boondock Saints" film.

"They exited out the front door. They had no idea what they were in for. Now they're staring at six men with guns drawn. It was a f**king ambush …"

When facing down Il Duce, the brothers drew while Rocco scrambled. Rocco went down first, disappearing into the bushes to the left. A minute later, Murphy was hit and fell to the right, still fighting, but down. It was Connor, the ever present protector who remained standing. Even after he was hit, he stayed standing. At the first break in the battle, the very first thing he did? He made sure baby brother was okay. Wounded, bloody, bullets still coming, Connor still remained standing. It was him who kept it together when
Il Duce had fled. This was the first time a plan really did go terribly wrong. It was the first time they were not getting away with just leaving and they were paying the price dearly. Connor got working on the blood with the spray. He got Rocco to his feet (Murphy got himself up). It was Connor, in this total chaos, still giving orders, keeping his head, making sure they got out, they were alright and they covered their tracks.

Some of his plans – okay – maybe they don’t always go exactly right. Does anybody not laugh when the word "rope" is used even casually in a conversation?  But Connor -- he is the one coming up with those plans and always finding a way. When you think of terms “he’s got your back?” Murphy has Connor's back, too. But Connor has everyone’s back, especially Murphy's.

In the church? I have no doubt Connor would have fired no matter how much he loved Rocco. His contained violence and protectiveness matches, if not surpasses Murphy’s. The playfulness that we see in Murphy? It isn’t as present in Connor though the sense of humor is:

[after Rocco gets his finger shot off]

Rocco: Feels like its still there.
Connor: Yeah, well it's not.

Yeap, this is why I had problems before … back and forth to the question, who is your favorite? Hell, I love Rocco, too. His cluelessness in so many ways, while being the philosophy major on the roof top and ice rink? I loved it. But, I do suppose when it comes right down to it, you do have to choose one: Connor or Murphy.

Bottom, right photo: my favorite from the movie, summing up, in my opinion, the reality of the relationship between the MacManus brothers. They would kill or die for each other and they feel the other’s pain, it is so real, so vivid. Each of these men, in *every* situation, would put the other first.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And here we go ... Luster ...

To keep my reputation intact, I am now eating my salad and yes, I will enjoy it. Doctor verdict: probably mild heat stroke and not coronary ... cuz really ... I have this list to finish watching and I do not have time to have a heart attack. Because, at my age ... I don't think so ... :)

So, I am off the walking and gym, probably for the rest of week -- or until someone can literally tie me down -- which will now not only make me mentally crazy as what the hell do I do if I can't work out? But on a bigger issue, what movies do not involve murder and mayhem as if I can't work out, those Oreos are little scary. :)

"Luster" does not look as if it a huge role -- no offence in that observation, of course. Position on credits in IMDB doesn't look like main star, so I am thinking there might be some room to save my cookie eating and maybe Mr. Reedus makes it to the end of the film. A good guy, even. Oh, that would be nice!! Year movie was made? After Saints, while up and coming quick -- hum -- now that does make me nervous.

Let's go see!!

Three hours later (I took a nap in there, too): Summary: Not my usual fare ... fair ... fare ... ... not the usual type of movie I would have watched, but I totally enjoyed it. Not quite enough screen time for a Mr. Reedus film for my taste, but hallelujah, no cookies required!! :) I did figure out was coming once the mortgage was paid and that was sad, but I liked Derek and his ability to wait and still love, no matter what.

Cool movie ...

Photo: From "Luster"

"Because you had a bad day ..."

"Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around ...

~Daniel Powter, 2009

Day not going so hot and it's nothing personal to do with actors or movies or anything else. Just, you know ... one of those days where all of them seem to out number little ol' you? Had lunch. Appropriate lunch: Oreo cookies and a glass of milk ...

I will eat the salad for a mid day snack.

... so the question ... I am ahead on cookies and family leaving in a couple house and I will be hitting Play. Do I go ahead and pick a dead/villain movie to keep the cookie to movie ratio fair? Or do I get a pass on this one. I did already get my walk in ... orders or no orders cuz let's face it, I'm bitchy sometimes ... :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boondock Saints Memo ...With the up most respect ...

Seriously, I mean this with the up most respect to Troy Duffy, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery and Billy Connelly.

Every time I hear this ... every time ... I think the very same thing ...
Why can't I write shit like this ... it so rocks it gives you chills ... :)

"Now you will receive us. We do not ask for your poor or your hungry. We do not want your tired and sick. It is your corrupt we claim. It is your evil that shall be saught by us. With every breath we shall hunt them down. Each day we shall spill their blood 'till it rains down from the skies. Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal. These are principles, which every man of every faith can embrace. These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behavior, and those of you who ignore them shall pay the dearest cost. There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth do not push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain. But if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three, and on that day, you will reap it. And we will send you to whatever God you wish."

Rest of week plans ...

Family leaving town again and now, I have been taken off walks and working out for a brief time. So, I will of course be walking tomorrow because I am rather stubborn and pig headed and I don't always listen!! :)

Figured with family gone for three days, I will just go ahead and hit Safeway when I do my loop and pick up both Oreo Double Stuff and Oreo Golden since I do plan on at least two films. And really ... still ... LOL ... don't really trust him, after so many films, to stay alive and be good. Or alive or be good. Or alive. Or good. Or ... are there anymore combinations?! :)

Still back logging: "Mimic"

There is no way in the world that I could ever be able to say that "Mimic" was supposed to be an Academy Award winning film, even if it did have Academy winning people it in. I can say, however, that it was such a blast to watch that we watched it twice ... once, of course, to see it with our bug-a-phobic daughter who then laughed her ass off!!

Seems giant cockroaches trying to eat the population of New York is not so scary to her. :)

And I can also say that when I went to the last remaining video store in town, a mom & pop store, the people who run it had
moved "Mimic" out of the Sci Fi section and into their personal "Favorite Cult Classics" at the front of the store.

For me, it was just great to see Mr. Reedus in his very first part. And in a role that had to last mere minutes, his character, Jeremy, was not only one of the most friggin' adorable scene stealer's in movie history, but so damn memorable he made it to my top ten favorite parts ... for ... let me repeat ... a role-that-lasted-under-two-minutes!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dinner Comments ...

Unusual comments at dinner tonight.

"So," says civil engineer husband of many, many years, "if Cusack wins, I have to watch 'Sixteen Candles' again."

This was said. Not asked.

"Okay," I replied, not sure where the conversation was going.

"So" he went on, "if Flanery wins, what do I have to watch then?"

I am thinking I might want to monitor the voting to make sure I don't get too many votes from one place. I am thinking there might be a plot going on to lean the votes in one direction, though at this point, I'm not sure which direction it would be. Only that Fairbanks never came up.

"Spelled just like the movie ..."

You have become a compulsive walker and the summer is killing you, so you buy a new hat ... and the reason you bought that hat was becasue of size: it was large, with big brim and came down low over ears, offering the best protection. But as you go up to Starbucks to buy your coffee while wearing this hat, you aren't thinking of that because it's almost 90 out with 82% humidity and you are considering if you can make it back up the hill to home without humiliating yourself by crawling by the neighbors houses. They are, after all, rather nice neighbors. When this happens, try to remember that your new hat also has the emblem of your favorite movie on the front, in Kelly green letters.

You go to Starbucks for some cold beverage.

"My brother just loves that movie. He loves that movie so much he named his son after one of the characters and spelled it exactly the same."
You just got done doing a couple miles in intense heat and humidity so it takes a minute. "What?"
"Boondock Saints," she says pointing at your hat. "He loved it."
"Oh, I get it. Okay. Yeah, great film. Have you seen it?"
"No," she says, "But he loved it and named named his son, Konar, spelled just like the movie."
You finish off your Gatorade. "Excuse me?" you say, trying to sound as if you didn't really hear. "He spelled it how?"
"K-o-n-a-r. You know. One of the brothers?"
"And he watched the movie? Did he see the credits go by?"
"Yeah," she said, "a couple times."
There is point in your life when you got to make a choice. The kid is already named, birth certificate already issued. You can make a deal of this, looking pompous, or just ... smile.
"That is really great. I'm sure they love that, the actors I mean. Can I have a ..."

Thank you Thank you Thank ...

Thank you to a Twitter buddy, three of the missing movies have been found and I can watch:

The Clown
The Chase
and Wall

Though I am currently fighting a migraine that I am blaming on the Two Day Poll Battle, I will see about what I can do to get started on these!

Thank you so much!! You just took my almost done list of six and raised it to nine. Cuz to be honest, no matter who wins, I think I am seriously going to miss Mr. Reedus!! I will enjoy the next set of films, too, but I will very much miss these.

Was going to try to get a movie in last night, but it got late and I decided I just didn't feel like cookies ... and really ... after as many movies as I have seen in four months, especially the last one when I was totally taken by surprise? I just don't completely and totally trust Mr. Reedus to stay out of trouble and keep breathing!! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Voting ...

Damn poll gadgety thingie is still not working right. I think it is personal in an attempt to drive me nuts. I have gotten enough Twitters, texts, e-mail, Facebook ... and I am sure other places to know who is in the lead and it is written down. If you want to vote, please just put it here and I will continue to fight my daily battle of Poll Battle.

Current List: Mr. Reedus ...

Memo: when your first list vanishes out of your purse and you have to print a second
list, do not go on the back porch to the picnic table to go over it just ten minutes after a thunder storm. I do not care how good your towel is.

Reading through the smears:

IMDB has *48* credits. That is one up since I first started in April, 2010. I think that might be the "Hawaii Five-Oh" appearance that wasn't there before.

Saw previews. Second memo: buy cookies the night of the premiere.

Looking this over: there are six movies not out yet. They will have to be added to blog as I see them, as I do not plan on abandoning an actor
just cuz I finished The List before they added to it.

Six not out.
Seven I cannot find
and ... six left to go.

That's it. Just six. After printing out this list at the end of April, never hurrying, always taking my time, but using hobby time when earned, I made it though. Kinda sad to be able to see the end.

If anyone can figure out how to get a hold of copies of the following, please let me know. I have used every available avenue I can think of and I am usually damn good at tracking things down -- writer by trade, research necessary!! ;)

Our missing movies, past to present:
"Davis is Dead", 1998 (Really wanted to see this one)
"Nobody Needs to Know", 2003
"13 Graves", 2006
"Walls", 2006
"Dead*Line", 2008
"Clown", 2008
"The Chase", 2009

Photos; from films: "Blade II", "Boondock Saints" and "Beatnicks."

Still back logging: "Bad Seed"

"Bad Seed", 2000
formerly titled: "Preston Tylk"
Staring Luke Wilson, Norman Reedus, Dennis Farnina and Mili Avital

If you look to the right, you will find that this tops my list as all time favorite Norman Reedus movies -- well, once you moved passed the "Saint" movies and you can't always put them at the top, right? :)

This movie had me mesmerized for a variety of reasons. A suspense thriller where you start out thinking one way and very soon into the film, you realize it wasn't as you thought.

A couple problems that, okay, bothered me at first but didn't last long. First off: Luke Wilson as a villain? Really? Luke Wilson? That is sorta way up there with casting Billy Campbell as a wife beater in "Enough" with Jennifer Lopez. Okay, I will give credit to Mr. Campbell as a versatile actor, but really? Seriously? The Rocketeer as a wife beater?! I don't want to typecast him but it was the first part I ever saw him in and I loved "The Rocketeer" so he never fit that wife beater part with me. Sorta the same thing with Mr. Wilson. I saw him in "Legally Blonde" first and his character, Emmett wouldn't do that -- I do so have to stop cross confusing my actors parts, I suppose. Here, in "Bad Seed", Mr. Wilson did an amazing job.

"I would give anything for more more chance."

I think that is a thought we can all appreciate.

Another thing that stuck out. "I killed ... It was an accident. I didn't mean to but I did."

If you go to a house with the intent of murdering "A", but you miss and murder "B" instead, going as far as to bury him in the backyard with the rose bushes -- actually it was the forest -- I do not think you get to claim "accident." You killed someone. You meant to kill someone. Someone is now dead. No accident. :)

Third: in revenge, if you do plan on setting fire to someone to purge them of their sins as well as take them out, do not throw the lighter when that person, covered in gasoline, is standing on a bridge, over a river. Chances are,the plan will fail. :)

What I liked? All the performances. Has Dennis Farina ever been in anything where he did not rock? Could any man on the planet have replaced my beloved Lenny Briscoe on "Law and Order" when Jerry Orbach died -- oh I loved Lenny and I was at Disneyland when I heard. Talk about putting a damper on The Happiest Place on Earth.

What else did I like: Jonathan's photo of he and Emily on the shelf above his bed: playful, loving. Jonathan's diaries, read by Preston Tylk with voice over by Mr. Reedus. I would kill or die to have a man talk to me like that -- no offense civil engineer husband of a long, long time LOL

I loved the cold fury that was released in this man, Jonathan Casey, who appeared to have had a temper in the past, yet got it under control to care for the brother he adored; and then just fell in love with the wrong woman.

Johnathan to Preston: "If I have to take everything that matters to you, I swear to God I will break you. Then I'm going to kill you."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Still Gone: "Let the Devil Wear Black ..."

Let the Devil Wear Black", 1999
Staring: A lot of people with hard names to spell. For the interest here: Norman Reedus ... in the same year he did "Boondock Saints." This will be interesting to see the difference in the two parts.

However ... the problem with the family being gone this many days, though, with a bag of Oreo cookies in the house? There are still several rows left if this movie doesn't go well!!

Please ... no villain. No dead. No dead villain!!

Back soon ...

I love it!! I love it. "He's a two watt. Like a light bulb idea going off over your head. He's only a two watt ..." In reference to the Uncle.

Hour and a half later:

Crap. Crap. Crap!!!!! I did not see that coming!!! Not anyway, shape or form!! Totally fooled and damn it ... I
don't feel like cookies tonight. LOLO I am beginning to think this is personal and Mr. Reedus wants me to get fat!!! Here I go ... deals a deal ... LOLOL I bet John Cusack wouldn't do this to me!! If he does, I might have to buy stock in Oreos!!

Pointless to discussions ... but I *loved* it ... LOL

I found this photo while searching for a photo of Mr. Flanery to put up. I loved it!! Never pictured Connor or Murphy as the Blackeberry/iPhone types!! Wonder if the phones would have helped in any of the plans ... LOL

I will now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion on movies.