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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And here we go ... Luster ...

To keep my reputation intact, I am now eating my salad and yes, I will enjoy it. Doctor verdict: probably mild heat stroke and not coronary ... cuz really ... I have this list to finish watching and I do not have time to have a heart attack. Because, at my age ... I don't think so ... :)

So, I am off the walking and gym, probably for the rest of week -- or until someone can literally tie me down -- which will now not only make me mentally crazy as what the hell do I do if I can't work out? But on a bigger issue, what movies do not involve murder and mayhem as if I can't work out, those Oreos are little scary. :)

"Luster" does not look as if it a huge role -- no offence in that observation, of course. Position on credits in IMDB doesn't look like main star, so I am thinking there might be some room to save my cookie eating and maybe Mr. Reedus makes it to the end of the film. A good guy, even. Oh, that would be nice!! Year movie was made? After Saints, while up and coming quick -- hum -- now that does make me nervous.

Let's go see!!

Three hours later (I took a nap in there, too): Summary: Not my usual fare ... fair ... fare ... ... not the usual type of movie I would have watched, but I totally enjoyed it. Not quite enough screen time for a Mr. Reedus film for my taste, but hallelujah, no cookies required!! :) I did figure out was coming once the mortgage was paid and that was sad, but I liked Derek and his ability to wait and still love, no matter what.

Cool movie ...

Photo: From "Luster"

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