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Friday, July 16, 2010

More research: John Cusack

Instead of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, how about John Cusack? I have been a John Cusack fan for more years then I can remember. Like maybe back into the 80's. "Better Off Dead" had that brief scene that was even filmed at my high school. So there is an idea. Fifty-seven IMDB credits, most of which *are not* villains, but some I was always reluctant to watch. They would be easier to get ahold of then Fairbanks movies. Hum ... I will have to think this one through. I like both choices but can only watch one actor at a time.


  1. Love love love John Cusack! Fell hard for Lloyd in Say Anything and haven't gotten up yet.

  2. Is there any woman on the planet in a particular age group that *did not* fall hard for Lloyd?! LOL