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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LA, donuts and more movies ...

The good news: wow ... look at all this free time I will have at home this weekend to catch up on movies. I have "8MM" and "Deuces Wild" and "Red Canyon" and ...

Bad news: Sorry Aunties, Cousins, friends of thirty years ... I will not be joining you in LA as planned for the last few months. And Douglas Fairbanks, Jr? No flowers for you this weekend from me.

Bad news: Donut packs bigger punch than anticipated. Other people eat donuts and get fat. I eat a donut ... okay two ... and get a staph infection ... and I am down for the count, on the mat, ready to die. Okay, not quite that bad, though it might feel like it now. But it will be a few weeks before I hit the loops like I planned in my brand new walking shoes which I haven't even broken in yet. And how am I supposed to watch these movies if I can't walk off the cookies ... oh cookies ... blagh ... might be off the mere thought of sweets for awhile. Might have to come up with a back up rule for the movies ... as I do doubt any particular actor I am watching at this time will stay alive and be good in his roles. But I will think of new rules just as soon as I wake up because right now ... Night ...


  1. What can we comfort you with instead of sweets when your actors keel over? Hmmm.


    Of course that leaves less time for movies, but what can I say? I'm biased!


  2. I am thinking ... both sound good and one has less calories!! LOL