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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sand vs. Red Canyon ...

It's not a secret that I am here alone any more then it's a secret that when I am alone, I keep movies playing in the other room to keep me company. We have a very active household so when it suddenly goes dead quiet, it can be unnerving.

So I turn on movies even if I am not watching them so that I can hear the voices in the next room. As I have said, the distance between my office where my desk is and the big screen in the living room is fifteen feet, maybe, give or take, depending on my math skills for the day.

So today I am sorting through DVD's, trying to pick out the one I will listen to, as these last few months, yeah, I generally turn on repeats with one theme. What can I say ... I like the voice. Mellow and easy to listen to. Very soothing.

So today I am going through them -- the DVDs -- and I end up holding two, and I look at them in my hands. In the left, "Sand"; in the right, "Red Canyon." I actually stopped and paused and thought about the difference in the two characters portrayed in the two parts.

In "Sand" there was Jack, the loving big brother who adored his sister, Sandy; and who would do anything for her, to protect her and keep her safe, make her happy. When she wanted a relationship, Jack saw her needs and kept his apprehension to himself. He was really cool and the type of big brother any girl would want.

In "Red Canyon ... and this is where is gets interesting ... Mr. Reedus plays the exact character that Jack in "Sand" fought against. If anything, Mac, in "Red Canyon" was even worse then the villains of "Sand" as I don't remember them actually hitting or kicking any chicks. They just used psychological torture, though I don't think the beating part would have been passed them.

"Sand" came out in 2000.
"Red Canyon" came out in 2008.
Eight year difference. Look at the two different looks in these two faces. Same actor, though you can barely tell by these faces. That's amazingly good.

I liked both movies and both gave me an uncomfortable feeling of wanting to look over my shoulder.

In "Sand", read over the "Red Canyon" post and the theory of "self defense" might scream through. In "Sand" the one and only thing that bothered me with the plot was if the good guys happen do have a run in with the bad guys, and the good guys get the upper hand ... Take the guns!! That way the bad guys can't come back and use them again later. But it was okay ... good guys still prevailed and there was a happily ever after ending in that movie.

I think this actually might be one of the most interesting comparisons you can make in the Reedus catalog. I know there is a rep there to play ... not villains ... I have always argued that point ... but there have been a lot of the anti-heroes. I think I read a quote just recently where Mr. Reedus said he has killed someone in just about every part he played. I can argue this point, too, and not just because I like to argue and be difficult. I have merely just recently seen all the films back to back and can line them up and there are some it was close, but no, Mr. Reedus did not cause all the demises. "Bad Seed" was the most confusing and then I realize "Oh, yeah ... that counts ..."

It was interesting to put these two films side by side and think about them like this, with characters that were very similar, though played by different actors -- and in this case, one of those actors, playing two totally opposite parts. I would say good job. Very good job.

Now I have to work. I really am supposed to be working. I do really have a job and a couple deadlines coming up ... :)

Photos: Top: "Sand's" Jack; Bottom: "Red Canyons'" Mac.


  1. I've never actually seen either of these movies. I don't get to watch anything here the TV is in the den the converted garage and im in here at my computer. At home I could peek around the computer and stare at the screen lol. I'm wasting electricity sitting here you know. That is what my sister says that me being on the computer all the time is using too much electricity. Okay so she plops in front of the TV when she isn't napping and crochets and watches what she WANTS on TV what the hell am I supposed to do? I don't have any money to just run out and get my own place I can't get a job yet. I want my own house but my taste is higher than is available at what I can afford. sigh I'm stuck I'm a stupid should have stayed in East TX at the store and lived in a tent maybe.

  2. Hard to watch TV in a tent!!

    Both these movies are hard to find and then not available for rent. You have to buy them. I got mine used. You would have to be a pretty hard core Norman Reedus fan, I think, to have seen both -- not that have ever claimed to be -- well actually, I've denied the fan part. Now Boondock Saints? *Huge* fan. See the shirt I'm wearing? :)

    But no, I've used watching these movies as a study and watching them so close together -- I have totally enjoyed every minute of seeing Mr. Reedus act and I love his work and his selections of parts but -- fan? Really? Aren't I little old?! LOL

    Okay ... I will confess it at last, when "Floating" arrived gift wrapped and I told my husband, I don't think I really meant to say that "Norman Reedus arrived today gift wrapped ..." but even Larry laughed his ass off!! :)