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Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank you Thank you Thank ...

Thank you to a Twitter buddy, three of the missing movies have been found and I can watch:

The Clown
The Chase
and Wall

Though I am currently fighting a migraine that I am blaming on the Two Day Poll Battle, I will see about what I can do to get started on these!

Thank you so much!! You just took my almost done list of six and raised it to nine. Cuz to be honest, no matter who wins, I think I am seriously going to miss Mr. Reedus!! I will enjoy the next set of films, too, but I will very much miss these.

Was going to try to get a movie in last night, but it got late and I decided I just didn't feel like cookies ... and really ... after as many movies as I have seen in four months, especially the last one when I was totally taken by surprise? I just don't completely and totally trust Mr. Reedus to stay out of trouble and keep breathing!! :)

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