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Friday, July 30, 2010

New Mini People's Choice Award: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Kids choice of who to watch next: Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Got to admit, the chewing off the clothes, it's a plus. But then, that's just me ... :)

As for credit, lets take a look: 58 credits on IMDB. I would not mind watching him in the least, and I can finally get my civil engineer hubby of many, many years to watch "Third Rock from the Sun" with me. As a anti-sit-com type person -- him, not me -- I never get company when I sit down to watch them.

How many ... 133 episodes. Woe ... we are talking alot of "Third Rock from the Sun." Not that I would mind, but it so would extend the life of the list as that is the kind of show the family would insist on watching together ... which will be tough as one of us -- not me -- leaves for a year of school in Taiwan in three weeks.

Have already seen "Inception" and man, I adored Arthur. Shot right up to the top ten of my all time favorite characters. He was the kind of guy you can always count on, whether you are in a coma or not!! Whatever you need, Arthur will get the job done and he will cover your back.Loved him!

Okay ... I am going to think about this!! Cuz ... really ... this wasn't even the best of the photos my daughter sent me!!

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