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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Current List: Mr. Reedus ...

Memo: when your first list vanishes out of your purse and you have to print a second
list, do not go on the back porch to the picnic table to go over it just ten minutes after a thunder storm. I do not care how good your towel is.

Reading through the smears:

IMDB has *48* credits. That is one up since I first started in April, 2010. I think that might be the "Hawaii Five-Oh" appearance that wasn't there before.

Saw previews. Second memo: buy cookies the night of the premiere.

Looking this over: there are six movies not out yet. They will have to be added to blog as I see them, as I do not plan on abandoning an actor
just cuz I finished The List before they added to it.

Six not out.
Seven I cannot find
and ... six left to go.

That's it. Just six. After printing out this list at the end of April, never hurrying, always taking my time, but using hobby time when earned, I made it though. Kinda sad to be able to see the end.

If anyone can figure out how to get a hold of copies of the following, please let me know. I have used every available avenue I can think of and I am usually damn good at tracking things down -- writer by trade, research necessary!! ;)

Our missing movies, past to present:
"Davis is Dead", 1998 (Really wanted to see this one)
"Nobody Needs to Know", 2003
"13 Graves", 2006
"Walls", 2006
"Dead*Line", 2008
"Clown", 2008
"The Chase", 2009

Photos; from films: "Blade II", "Boondock Saints" and "Beatnicks."

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