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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rest of week plans ...

Family leaving town again and now, I have been taken off walks and working out for a brief time. So, I will of course be walking tomorrow because I am rather stubborn and pig headed and I don't always listen!! :)

Figured with family gone for three days, I will just go ahead and hit Safeway when I do my loop and pick up both Oreo Double Stuff and Oreo Golden since I do plan on at least two films. And really ... still ... LOL ... don't really trust him, after so many films, to stay alive and be good. Or alive or be good. Or alive. Or good. Or ... are there anymore combinations?! :)


  1. Too funny I showed my sister your post about the Oreos. I got hooked on Reese's Stix when I was working in the convenience store. Those are soooooooooooo good. Do you eat the middle first? Or the whole cookie? My sister and I were discussing some yummy chocolate sandwich cookies by Keebler they were chocolate with chocolate filling and we ate them as kids. They changed the packing several times then did away with them sigh. Old people don't eat cookies just kids well then that makes me a kid :-)

  2. So far, this project ... it has cost me THREE POUNDS!! LOL ... have to up the walks, though I am pretty sure this plague will take care of it. LOL ... and you have to have a glass of milk and dunk them whole, but not too long. Of course, if Mr. Reedus would just stop playing the bad guy and then getting himself killed, my life would be easier!! Trying to pick the next actor and thinking of stacking desk toward someone who only plays happy guys who smile and get the girl!