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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting Started ...

I have been told it is a strange hobby, watching all the movies of one actor. But in reality not so much. Some people have equated it to a college course, like studying film but using one actor at a time. One man at the video store when I brought in my highlighted list to see if they had any in stock, he asked me where he could take the class I was taking.

Why did I start where I did? I cannot deny I am "Boondock Saints" fan. Have been for years. I cannot even deny that thanks to a variety of kids who all hang out at my house and who like to surprise me, I can be found most days when I don't have to
go anywhere in jeans and Saint t-shirt, bare foot with painted toes, as I now have an extensive collection of shirts which would make most convention attending fans jealous.

But that wasn't it. Didn't hurt, of course, but it was a midnight cruise through the Internet to a YouTube clip to a not so famous photo that stuck in my brain and led to the IMBD list which, miraculously, came out my printer.

I am now three quarters of the way through Mr. Reedus' catalog and starting to think of who comes next. But before I go forward, I will catch up in future posts on what I have learned, what opinions I can offer.

For one. It is hard for me to admit this, but ... Murphy MacManus is not my all time favorite Norman Reedus character. Oh, make no mistake, Murphy can charm any one to death anytime he chooses, his playfulness next to
Connor's plans and leadership ... as if there is any doubt who is older based on how they act. I absolutely adore Murphy. Yes, I will admit, I slipped over to Connor for awhile, but I couldn't resist Murph -- the bouncing up and down in front of Doc's door, the never ending ... what is it? happiness and almost goofiness that is irresistible, mixed with a level of contained violence and protectiveness for everything he loves. And I swear, no one can light a cigarette better and I don't even like smoking!! Yes, I ended up back, preferring Murphy. No offence, Connor :)

However. there were more, other characters to meet on this journey.

Jonathan Casey (Bad Seed): No one ever loved more than Jonathan, either in his love life or his family. In a movie where you start out thinking he is the bad guy, you realize he was the victim and he didn't win. I cried my eyes out all three times I saw it. Every time the ending came up I shouted at the screen "No, No!! Don't!! Ahhhhh ....." It was beautiful and sad and touching. And in the back window of that final scene? Really? "Murphy's Irish Stout?" Too cute. :)

Ray Perso: (Moscow Chill): What a nice guy. Just an all out nice guy. Really, there are no other words to describe him and I adored watching him run from the bear, be with the girl and
take on the responsibly of the kid. Great, great part. And the doctor in the hospital: "Ray, is the glass have full or half empty?" I laughed my ass off seeing Ray's reaction.

Archie: (Tough Luck): I suppose I am not supposed to like Archie, but I couldn't help it. He
carried the part first as the bad guy, then as the hero, then as the winner to perfection. And for a person with my main pet peeve (see above right), cruel way to start a film ... ... seriously cruel!! LOL. Really was a great movie you didn't know which way was which.

Travis (Gossip): I just loved hearing Travis talk. "I'm just kind of having a dialogue with gravity." I liked watching him be creative. He was adorable and Rebecca was an idiot not to see it!! What did Jones say about him? "You're great looking, a Soho artist and contrary to what Derrick says, what girls want, a nice guy." Travis was awesome. Our exchange student came in one day unexpectedly.

"Mom, does Murphy have to be my favorite character? It seems like everyone thinks
Murphy is their favorite character."
"You can like whoever you want," I said. "I don't think Murphy would mind."
She beamed. "Travis. I like Travis the very best." And then she bounded out of the room with a smile on her face.


  1. Jax: I love your new blog! Great fun. I confess I'm so bad with movies, it's great to learn from someone who knows what she's talking about. I've sat next to big stars on airplanes and never even knew who they were until my husband, a few rows back, told me as we were exiting the airport.

    Then there was the time my husband and I danced next to Tony Bennett. Tony overheard me saying something like, "No way. That's not him." Then Tony winked at me and nodded, "it would be true."

    Big joke in my family. I am so out of it. Cassy Pickard

  2. LOL ... I talked to a guy for ten minutes at one of those Casino Nights when I was dressed ... well ... my son said like a prostitute but I had point out it was a *well paid* prostitute!!" So I talked to this guy about pumpkins (it was Halloween), our kids were in the same class and I heard chuckling and saw my husband trying to control his laughter. The gentleman and I went on to school projects and I don't know what else. He was just a *nice guy*. When we finally said our good-buys, my husband could hardly control himself. "You have absolutely no idea who you just spent ten minutes with." "He was a nice guy," I said. "I liked him. Friendly." "Jacqui, that was Gonzo, the most famous Diamondback baseball player in current history." "Really," I said. "He told me where to get the best pumpkins!!" :)