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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Possibility: Other Side to the Same Coin ...

... the coin, of course, being a shiny new copper penny. If you don't get that reference ... see the movie :)

I gotta be honest. Sean Patrick Flanery was my original choice, picked over a month ago, to follow Norman Reedus in my viewing schedule. But -- for appearances sake, I
wasn't sure it was a good idea. Again, I am a "Boondock Saint" fan, make no mistake and today I am home alone -- in a Saint t-shirt, white jeans, bare foot with painted toes, just like I promised.

But I didn't want to appear to be giving any favoritism to a particular movie and I really didn't want to hear the moans of the family members: "Really? A Saint? You know there are other actors out there ..."

Well, I do know that. So let's look at this logically.

Mr. Flanery's IMDB page lists seventy six credits ... that is a hell of alot more than Mr. Cusack, but not as many as Mr. Fairbanks. Of those seventy-six, twenty-two are eppies of "Young Indiana Jones", plus nine "Indiana Jones" movies -- wait -- you made
an Indiana Jones after "Boondock Saints"? Wow ... that must have been different. Indy to Connor to Indy.

Actually, going over the list, there are a couple of TV shows with a multitude of appearances. That is going to shoot the seventy-six up. Mr. Reedus' catalog took me just over four months - I have six of his movies to go, most of which are in the house and a family gone for the weekend. This new list is roughly twice as long. Might take awhile.

A lot to consider. But to be honest: credit #10: 2010: "Mongolian Death Worm." Oh, I know my taste in films and that was has got to be a blast to watch!! Just pure fun. I want to see that!!

So there you are, Mr. Flanery: added to the poll!! Good luck!! :)

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