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Friday, July 16, 2010

Truthfully, the pet peeve?

If any actor has *ever* challenged me having to watch them killed, maimed or murderer, Mr. Reedus might be the winner. Kiefer Sutherland films, a definite close second. I have *loved* Kiefer Sutherland since I first saw "Young Guns" in the dark ages. But he always plays the villain and it always makes me nervous. "Beat" was acceptable. He wasn't so much a bad guy as a misdirected guy who didn't know which way was up and made a terrible error.

I was so impressed with some of the characters in "Beat" that I tried to find a biography to read. I am still looking, though I did find some great Lucien Carr quotes:

"Why don’t you just start with the second paragraph?”
"One reporter quoted Carr as having two acceptable standards for a good lead: 'Make me cry or make me horny.'"

Most unacceptable death scene, which I will tease about forever: Mr. Reedus being eaten by cannibals. He was hanging by the neck and they were screaming and he was screaming and I do believe intestines were coming out. And even so, pretty blue eyes showing through all the filth and blood and gore. Not bad. Almost made it worth all the shrieking!! Don't get me wrong. Wonderful death scene, very well done ... just ... ewww ... if you don't like actors you like get killed, having them get eaten is even worse! :)

Only acceptable death scenes: Kiefer Sutherland as David in "Lost Boys". Went with class. John Cussack in "Identity". Hated that is happened but it was for a beautiful reason, he saved everyone else remaining. Jonathan Casey (Reedus/Bad Seed). Again hated that it happened, cried my eyes out, but the monologue leading up to it, the decision on his face when he realized, the small smile and nod that yeah, this was the only way ... yeah ... worked. Sucked big time, but it worked. :)

I hear actors prefer to play bad guys where they get to do these types of parts. Oh, I just wish they weren't so hard to watch!! :)


  1. hey there, Kathy from accountability... Guess whaat? I was in a movie with Keifer. Yup, honest. I was a horse holder. I don't know the name of the movie, and I've never seen it.
    He was soooo friggen nice. It was about 2am, -20 degrees out and I was in a winner's circle shot, holding a horse, and he threw a bit of a hizzy because it was being filmed wrong - the placing was different than the previous shot.... he said something like that's fucking unprofessional, (It was a low budget flick he was doing as a favor I think), then he made them do it over. The actors kept going indoors to warm up but I couldn't because of the horse and he came to me and asked how I was doing and appologized for the hold up etc. what a sweety!..

  2. Wow ... aren't these stories just great?! You get this brief minute to be with this person you forever see on the screen and think, "Man, he was nice." He loves horses, too. Gave up acting for awhile to work with them. Congrats on a great story and please come back!! I love company and I need help deciding in the poll!!