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Sunday, July 25, 2010

More back logging: Tough Luck ...

I have to admit. I didn't really know what this movie was about before I popped it into the DVD player, beyond what the box said. Please, once again, note my main pet peeve of movies and then you will understand why, ten minutes later, I popped it right back out and stared at the shiny silver in my hand, talking to it. "You're kidding? Right? You have to be kidding! You can't start a movie like that!!"

I think it was smiling back at me. Maybe a wink? I don't know. I just know I thought it was an evil DVD for three more days. And in those three days I found every review I could online. Every interview. YouTube clips. Everything anyone could say about it until I was finally convinced to give it another try.

The real clincher that I would watch it? Mr. Reedus himself, in an interview saying he took the part because when he read the script and got to the words 'circus midgets', he had to say yes. Okay ... that was cool. Cool and real, real funny and I was willing to give it another try.

And ... yes ... even more cliche ... for me to realize how dumb I had been. The film was damn worth it. This was an awesome movie. I can't say Mr. Reedus played the hero, though some of his actions were very heroic; I can't say he was the villain, though, yeah, he wasn't exactly a good person most of the time, but he wasn't all bad, either. You don't try to save the girl if you are a bad guy. Was he victim? He did get fooled and but even so, I don't know if you could ever call him a 'victim.'

I can just say that the movie did keep me guessing: what was happening next, who is the bad guy, what are they doing and why? It was a very complicated plot with very complicated
characters but didn't seem too complicated to watch. It was a fun watch, actually. And yeah, when a movie ends that good, I just might be able to forgive that first ten minutes that cost me three days of staring at a DVD that was staring back!! :)

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