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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dark Harbor Summary ...

Dark Harbor, 1998
Staring Alan Rickman, Polly Walker and Norman Reedus.
Only three people to appear in the movie, though several others listed in credits in minor, minor roles. They really didn't need more than the three!!

Summary: Really? Seriously? Without giving too much away of a phenomenal ending ... really? Kisses like that? The kind that curl your toes? And the reason was ... and really?
Wasn't enough? Cliff, too?

Ew, I have argued so many times about you not
playing the bad guy you always claim to play, but wow ... what a bad guy!! Really!! Well done. Thorough. I would say with kisses like that ... and then ... yeap ... down right cruel!!

It's the kind of movie you watch the first time and think "Okay this is how it is going ..." and then you watch it again and realize nothing was as it appeared and nothing they said
was what they meant. Four days later you are sitting at the breakfast table and someone snaps out "I know why he only got two lobsters!!" :)

On the whole ... excellent movie and held my first place for a long time before I saw "Bad Seed."

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