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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Closing Mr. Reedus Out ...

It's time to move on. I am closing Mr. Reedus out.
Which is sorta sad as I really enjoyed watching Mr. Reedus in so many parts -- I think "Beat" was my favorite -- well -- if you don't count Murphy and I wasn't watching him to study for character development. If I set out at the beginning to see an actor move from role to role, making each one unique and individual than I did start out with the right actor as Mr. Reedus did teach me a lot about fictional people and imaginary friends ;)

Fiction writers -- we have a lot of imaginary friends and they hang out for a long, long time with us. From page one of the novel to "The End." And man, if they have developed themselves in our minds right, they never stop talking!! ;)

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Reedus this past weekend in Los Angeles and I can honestly say that not only is he an amazing actor to watch and study, but he is truly a nice man, too. He was nice to me and more important, nice to my daughter -- which a Mom always appreciates.

So, thank you Mr.Reedus for putting up with me, my questions and my presence as I worked my way through your catalog. You taught me a lot -- about how to give my characters more depth, as well as how to share a smile and make someone feel conformable.

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