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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How rude of me and I do apologize ... Reedus Summay

Ever meet that old friend you might not never have known, but aways thought -- nice guy? There was a man in Scotland once. I don't even remember his name. But we spent time together, walks, nothing inappropriate with me at eighteen and him at sixty, but we talked. We shared private things we wouldn't have shared with any else. And two weeks later, he went back to his county while I stayed on in St. Andrews for a few more weeks. I missed him. I still do.

We were "friends" without having known each other. I think that way sometimes. It's not a logical a thing to other people -- just -- I'm someone who wants to talk -- even when -- the other person ...

The reality is in an entertainment job -- actor/writer -- you might think you know them because the interviews are that good and the job they do is great -- when
deep down, there are just two people in different worlds with different goals and different futures. Their paths are never going to cross and there is no illusion of otherwise.

I have several fans who write to me, telling me things ... personal things ... and I listen and write back as they just need someone to talk to. I actually didn't know other writers didn't do that.

For me, on April 25th just after midnight, picking the actor I would watch based on a photo I liked -- one that said "nice guy -- pride -- adoration for my son ..." -- gave me goal and a path for the next several months. The fact I didn't even know his name until a little research, made finding the movies a little harder, but I did.

And I enjoyed them. No ... that is not right. I really enjoyed them, even the ones I didn't really want to watch. Because even if it was a part that I might not have sought out to see, I got to see another side to a versatile actor who knows his craft.

My summary of four months of watching Norman Reedus films: Mr. Reedus is an amazing actor with a wide variety of performances to back any claim -- which I have never heard him say -- that he can take on pretty much any part he chooses. It doesn't look as if he ever gets bored in his job because he does get to play so many people. For a man who claims to have killed someone in almost every roll, I would say this is probably true. He almost never was in a part where he didn't smoke at some point, so that is a characteristic, too. He always kids he is never romantic, that his Mom wants to do a movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt but for a guy who says he never gets the girl, he sure got a lot of girls.

I really was clueless when I started this project. A fan of "The Boondock Saints" since 2006, I didn't even know any of the actors -- except Defoe and Connelly -- and, embarrassingly, I never learned. I missed out on a lot of good movies because of it.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this actor and I recommend him to everyone. But also, apparently in this project, I crossed some lines and I do want to offer a public apology and hope that it understood I never meant any harm. The recent unprovoked attacks against this blog have been settled though it was necessary to move on to JGL early due to the events, the fall out and professional advice. In regards to my own actions, I can only offer a heart felt apology and submit my humiliation and mortification and understand nothing will ever change now.

I do look forward to "Walking Dead", "Meskeda" and the others, and if I have gotten to the point where I can face my mistakes, I will go see them.

Thank you, Mr. Reedus. It was fun ... :)

The photo that got it all started ... the one I have never admitted to before ...


  1. Just thought I'd say that I admire the class you show in posting this. The sentiment is not an easy one to say in general, and it's that much harder to put out there for everyone to read.

  2. Thank you very much. You do not know how much those words helped right now.

    I had a German teacher once. She went off on me one night out of the blue for *minutes*-- until the whole class was sitting there with jaws open trying to hide. It was a humiliating pubic experience -- for which she later came to me, leaned over and whispered in my ear "I am Jacqui. I shouldn't have that." No one heard that part and I left the class crying, because in reality, I can fight like demon, but a hard word will crumble me.

    I did bad. I atone. I hope.