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Monday, August 16, 2010

Wow ... Questions come fast ... Josh and Tony

Questions do come fast and I will be happy, just this once, to explain. Okay, I will be happy to explain anytime as friends should not be forgotten.

There are two new, un movie related emblems on the site and they will remain as it is a cause I support. I am planning on, in the future, to extend my involvement in working in this area.

For now ... to answer the question asked ...

Josh: I have three kids of my own and six that I am very close to who have been hanging out at my house for the last three to eight years, depending on which kid. They are all over twenty now, but I always refer to them as "the teenagers" and I adore them. They helped me build my Boondock Saints T-Shirt collection. Josh was not one of the kids who hung out here in later years, but he was close to the ones that do. When he died last October, at age twenty-two, a senior in college, he left a devastating hole in this crowd that will take years and years to heal. He is still missed daily and still thought of all the time.

Tony: I once told Mr. Reedus about Tony as I thought he should know that there had been this man who could talk about his movies for hours, a man that loved both Saint actors careers. I would have liked to have told Mr. Flanery, too, but I did not know how to reach him. Tony was a friend of mine and a rapid Boondock Saints fan. I did not know him very long and we met under extraordinary circumstances and Tony was usually quiet. He was hard to reach. The only way I finally got him to start talking to me was when I realized we did share the interest in
the Saints. He and I had many, many discussions on the antics in All Saints Day and if you really could ball park 165 feet of rope in less than a minute, then jump and land exactly at the same place at the same time and the right window. He and I sorta thought might be a little impossible. :)

I was in a meeting the day he left and I never got to say good-bye. I found out later he had -- um -- died -- two weeks after I last saw him. Alone. Without family. On my walk that I do everyday there is a rose bush that I have dedicated to him though it isn't even mine. I never walk passed it without stopping to smell the roses and to say Hi to Tony. I hope he hears.

Photos: Top: Tony's rose bush last week; Bottom: Arguing on the scaffolding in All Saints Day.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to these two young men. Thank you for doing that. Even though I didn't know them personally, they should never be forgotten.