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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just two guys out for a walk ...

Just two guys out for a stroll. They are hard to miss to start with because -- well I am not going to go into details about how adorable they are. One has his head down, mostly looking at the street where he walks. The other one looks comfortable and in control. It's not either of those two things that draws attention. Sometimes they have on matching shades, sometimes they don't. Across the bridge, to the plaza, heading to an unknown destination -- for the viewer -- as these two men know exactly where they are going and for what purpose. The nerves show even as they try to hide them. They have matching shoes. Matching jeans. Matching shirts. Matching coats. And, in their hands, ominous matching black satchels that might make someone ask "Ew ... whacha got in the bag?"

How come no one in Boston noticed these two guys? Just curious. I mean, I'm glad they weren't noticed as they completed stage one of their plan, but wouldn't these two men dressed like this, carrying those bags, wouldn't someone had remembered something when the police showed up to ask questions? :)

Photo: "Boondock Saints" Left: Norman Reedus as Murphy; Right: Sean Patrick Flanery as Connor.

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