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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Canyon ... Proof of My Dedication ... :)

Okay ... here I go ... proving my dedication to the movie watching cause: the film where the previews scared me so much I didn't want to see it. And it's not that it's a horror film of anything, it was merely that the subject matter was too intense for for me. And, from the reviews I have just read, if my circumstances were a little different, I might have to eat the entire package of Oreos. As it is, I have to cheat on my own rules as food and I am not getting along very well yet. Well, neither is standing up and me; walking to the other room and me; laying in bed and me? We're getting along just fine!! :)

Oh and those gorgeous new walking shoes -- -- the two of us have so not been properly introduced. Sad. Really sad. Five days now.

Nope ... for now, couch, bottle of Gatorade -- blue -- though I am not sure why anyone would drink something in a shade they would never wear -- but it is what the civil engineer hubby of many, many years brought home and stocked the fridge with, so I drink.

And him? He gets to go to LA tomorrow. So not fair!!

But for the moment, fridge is stocked with G2,
I think there is some dinner left for me for later,
though if not, I will be fine. Whole family just took off for Phoenix for a concert and I am going back up to bed. I have been up for a whole two hours now. Don't want to push it. They are due back at midnight and I will be up way before that to watch -- preferably before dark --"Red Canyon".

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