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Friday, August 13, 2010

Boondock Saints Standard Attire ... I couldn't do it

For reasons I will not go into, I will admit that I gave away my entire Boondock Saint t-shirt collection. With the family gone this weekend, everyone knows what I would have been wearing, except I added socks cuz it is surprising chilly. Standard attire when they are gone: Boondock Saints shirt, jeans, barefoot with painted toes. Did I never mention I wear my hair up to show off the cool tattoo I got last May? :)

As it is, though, as the days passed through this last week, we moved from one catastrophic domino effecting into another -- no events isolated, each one occurring because of the one that happened the day before -- until the cave about a half mile from here looked good. I figured it didn't have Internet and no one would find me. Hell, the way things were going, I doubted anyone would look. This has got to have been one the hardest and longest weeks I have seen in a long, long time. My e-mailbox -- all of them -- came to terrify me every morning and I lost so many days trying to fix the damage that was done, managing to stay just one step behind.

And my t-shirt collection? The one long worked on? I gave it away. I could not even face a silly t-shirt.

But in the end, before they picked them up, I couldn't do it. Not only did a lot of my kids give me these shirts, but I think someday I will forgive myself -- it doesn't feel that way right now -- but I think I will want to watch the movies again -- someday -- and my fandom, though buried now, will be back.

And when that happens, what will I have to wear when the family goes to Los Angeles for work?


  1. I loved the Boondock Saints. I never saw the second one, but plan to one of these days.

    Glad you didn't give up your t-shirt collection. I think it must be to you like ice cream is to me. Comfort. ; )

    Love you,


  2. Thank you, Chey. You were a tremendous source or support during this whole ordeal. Even more so than when the restaurant ruined my Eggs Benedict ... :) You are a dear friend that I can count on.