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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Clown ...

"Clown", six minute short
Directed by Tate Steinsiek
Staring: Peter Green, Norman Reedus and
Paul Sampson
Winner of the 2008 Best Short Film

Hard to find this film until you have the location, then it's easy:

I read a review of this short online which said, in essence, "... could we please have Mr. Reedus in a role where he is actually recognizable ..." and I got to thinking about that. I could be totally off on my assumption but I am thinking if every publication that ever came out on you associated you with Prada, good looks, Saints, appearance -- and to my knowledge every publication I have read mentions all those things -- tossing in a comment about pretty blue eyes and -- okay -- I don't want to be one of those publications -- but they all mention the current projects, the past projects and all of the things I just listed. The point is, if so much of what people say is about how you look, maybe taking on that role that totally throws you into someone else, a different persona with a totally different face, wouldn't that be challenging and alot fun?

I will admit, I had trouble pin pointing during my first run threw where Mr. Reedus was, though I did recognize Peter Greene right away, and then went and looked up
Paul Sampson's career -- both amazing actors, too.

I must be at thirty movies or more into the IMDB list and I coming up on almost done. And I couldn't see him. However the one thing I have become extremely familiar with is
Mr. Reedus' voice and though he did cover it, you can catch it if you know it.

Did I like this piece? I am not sure yet. It was more different than anything I have seen either watching this actors work or any one else', but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Might actually open up a whole new genre for me and that would be a good outcome to all this viewing. I didn't not like, but I think my vote is still out. I would definitely recommend it.

In a mere six minutes, there was a definite theme, with a past and a present, showing how the actions done to a child can effect the future. There was good vs. bad with the bad represented by religion, though even the good was not as good as it could have been -- the sins of the father coming back to haunt the actions of the son. To deliver all of this in so short of time, while using clowns as the medium, that was pretty amazing. So many people are terrified by clowns, yet here, even when they are creepy, you want to follow. Think about that -- tons of people scared of clowns and as a population we march ourselves to the circus to let everyone go see what they are afraid of. We should just have them do it underground, with snakes and a airplane -- oh sorry -- those are mine!! :)

Four things I am terrified of: flying, anacondas, being underground and answering the phone with one person on the other end -- one in particular. Thank goodness for caller ID! And if one of my friends really thinks I am jumping out of an airplane with her ... Ha ha ha ...

Back on point ... yeah, I think this was a really interesting piece, most defiantly the most unusual I have seen so far. And with, I think, six left to go, it might remain the most interesting.


  1. Ha! I know you want to jump out of a plane with me! And of course we can add snakes to the mix as you suggested earlier :) And I realize that you're not planning on jumping out of a plane with me. I just like to tease.

  2. No, really!! I don't want to jump out of an airplane with you! Love you to pieces, but no ... not going to happen!! LOL I really would be the one to land two miles away and get lost in the forest!! Now, if you want to fly to Hawaii next summer -- and the plane catches fire -- and we are over land -- where we can see details of the terrain -- and there are no snakes -- we'll talk!! :)