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Monday, June 8, 2015

Tea at Leo's House ... =D

When the Australians came to town, it was time to have some fun and LA at the end of summer in a van touring the Hollywood Hills is a defiantly the way to go.  We saw one of Marilyn’s houses, we saw where Billy Bob’s plays basket ball and for a brief few minutes, we were parked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio's house.

As the guard came close—and Leo really does have guards.  We were parked, waiting for the opportunity to turn around and I’m in the front seat of the van kidding about going to the front door to knock.  Now I have always enjoyed DiCarprio’s movies, but it wasn’t until I was sitting beside his fifteen foot wall with the guard on us, his finger to his ear as he spoke to higher forces, that I started to put it together.  DiCaprio was right there, in that house.  And my heart pounded just a little harder, my breath became short and it dawned on me … I’m a Leonardo DiCaprio fan and knocking on that door actually sounded pretty damn good.

The funny thing… I found out later, Keanu Reeves, who doesn't live all that far away from Leo, in this same month found a woman in his living room, sitting in a chair in the middle of the night.  He called the police and she was arrested.  A few days later he found a naked woman swimming in his pool. And at this point, I’m thinking just maybe Keanu might want to talk to Leonardo about increasing his security, because Leo has it down pat.  That guy coming toward the van was friggin' scary and he was getting close fast.

Leonardo's house is to the left behind that huge wall.