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Friday, July 23, 2010

Reality: The Day Job ...

I wonder ... do actors ever show up for the job and think "I am so not getting this today ..." Maybe the character isn't showing up or the script ... actually I don't know about that, though I did come heartbeat away from selling one once -- a script, I mean. Really -- that close -- and then "No thank you."

I do not believe in writer's block anymore than I would believe in "actors block." They don't exist, neither of them. Well, for me writer's block doesn't. You keep at a variety of projects, keeping them going at once, maybe a blog, maybe this blog, maybe a book and an article, and you can rotate them during the day to keep fresh and think clear and type away.

Until today. Today is arguing with me. Book edits due on "The Fourth Sword," new book "Dying to Live" would really like to live and be written; I start a new class in just over a week and need to finish the eight lectures for that; I have an article coming up and ... this guest blog, due tomorrow, that refuses to cooperate. I have already restarted it three times and it is not happy. Well, neither am I for that matter. LOL

Okay, going to take a break. A little dinner out with the hubby and then home and we both go back to finish our due projects in our respective offices and when I get done ... when I get done? This sucker will rock and I will make my deadline!!


  1. I'm beginning to come around to that same way of thinking ... The more projects in the fire, the more likely you are to be able to work on one of them.

    I like the look of your blog. Black & white is a classic.

  2. There is an obscure, old book -- I mean old enough where the writer talks about whether or not to get a computer verses a typewriter -- but it is still an amazing book on how to pull a career together and never get bored. Called "Time Management for Writers" by Ted Schwarz. You can still get it at used book stores online fairly cheap. Would SOO recommend it ... and I know you have been doing amazing things. This might even boost that. :)

    Back at you on the blog. I had to go black and white ... could not show case these actors in less than dramatic colors!! They are pretty cool guys!!

    See you soon buddy!!

  3. Wow, you have a lot on your plate!

    I think writer's block is usually me trying to push through something that's not working, or not giving the idea my full attention. Often going for a run, or just making lists of options for the scene pushes me through the "block".

    Good luck juggling all of your projects!

  4. Good post! I believe more in "creative block" than "writer's block." Even if I'm not feeling "creative," I still write--journal or blog or whatever. But there are times when I just DO NOT feel creative lol. That's where my handy dandy prompts come in :)