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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Still back logging: "Bad Seed"

"Bad Seed", 2000
formerly titled: "Preston Tylk"
Staring Luke Wilson, Norman Reedus, Dennis Farnina and Mili Avital

If you look to the right, you will find that this tops my list as all time favorite Norman Reedus movies -- well, once you moved passed the "Saint" movies and you can't always put them at the top, right? :)

This movie had me mesmerized for a variety of reasons. A suspense thriller where you start out thinking one way and very soon into the film, you realize it wasn't as you thought.

A couple problems that, okay, bothered me at first but didn't last long. First off: Luke Wilson as a villain? Really? Luke Wilson? That is sorta way up there with casting Billy Campbell as a wife beater in "Enough" with Jennifer Lopez. Okay, I will give credit to Mr. Campbell as a versatile actor, but really? Seriously? The Rocketeer as a wife beater?! I don't want to typecast him but it was the first part I ever saw him in and I loved "The Rocketeer" so he never fit that wife beater part with me. Sorta the same thing with Mr. Wilson. I saw him in "Legally Blonde" first and his character, Emmett wouldn't do that -- I do so have to stop cross confusing my actors parts, I suppose. Here, in "Bad Seed", Mr. Wilson did an amazing job.

"I would give anything for more more chance."

I think that is a thought we can all appreciate.

Another thing that stuck out. "I killed ... It was an accident. I didn't mean to but I did."

If you go to a house with the intent of murdering "A", but you miss and murder "B" instead, going as far as to bury him in the backyard with the rose bushes -- actually it was the forest -- I do not think you get to claim "accident." You killed someone. You meant to kill someone. Someone is now dead. No accident. :)

Third: in revenge, if you do plan on setting fire to someone to purge them of their sins as well as take them out, do not throw the lighter when that person, covered in gasoline, is standing on a bridge, over a river. Chances are,the plan will fail. :)

What I liked? All the performances. Has Dennis Farina ever been in anything where he did not rock? Could any man on the planet have replaced my beloved Lenny Briscoe on "Law and Order" when Jerry Orbach died -- oh I loved Lenny and I was at Disneyland when I heard. Talk about putting a damper on The Happiest Place on Earth.

What else did I like: Jonathan's photo of he and Emily on the shelf above his bed: playful, loving. Jonathan's diaries, read by Preston Tylk with voice over by Mr. Reedus. I would kill or die to have a man talk to me like that -- no offense civil engineer husband of a long, long time LOL

I loved the cold fury that was released in this man, Jonathan Casey, who appeared to have had a temper in the past, yet got it under control to care for the brother he adored; and then just fell in love with the wrong woman.

Johnathan to Preston: "If I have to take everything that matters to you, I swear to God I will break you. Then I'm going to kill you."

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