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Monday, July 26, 2010

Killer pastries ...

Let me just deviate from topic one last time, and let me be extremely frank in my message. I do not care how good that four day old donut looks. I do not care how chocolately the frosting still appears. I do not care if you can hear it calling to you from the kitchen when you are in your office with the door shut.

Do Not Eat the Four Day Donut. Trust me. Oh, please god, Trust Me on This!!

Tonight when the worst of the Killer Donut had past, leaving behind the residual that made any hang over I ever had seem good, I had to ponder. If this pastry had done what it set out to do, would the death certificate and/or tombstone read Death by Donut? I'm thinking ... yeap ... that is probably exactly the way I will check out: something stupid, totally preventable by common sense and arriving at the house in a Krispy Kreme box.

Will not be discussing "Moscow Chill" tonight as planned, though I might go lie on the couch and watch another movie. I'm thinking I might be quiet for a day or so, if you can imagine that!! At most, I think I will lay there and think about how I am never going to eat another donut in my entire life!! And just think about how close this was ... I ate the chocolate. Right next to it? Was the cream filled!! I don’t even want to think about that!!!


  1. Ah, those donuts can be killers, even if they're not four days old. I'm probably closer to a heart attack thanks to wearing two years worth of Krispy Kreme on my backside and middle. Oh, but I love them. Krispy Kreme is the absolute best.

  2. I'm thinking I shouldn't have used brand name, but it's not the company's fault I ate something four days late. Seriously, aren't they supposed to be consumed like NOW, preferably still warm, while standing in line?! LOL

  3. You know, if you'd waited just a LITTLE LONGER, the cream-filled donut might have crawled over to join you on the couch.

    Happy donut dreams. Hope you feel better!

    (who has NO donut resistance)