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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Canyon ... Direct Letter to ... :)

A summary at the end of a note will not suffice ... not on this one ... so

Dear Mr. Reedus,

You win!! You finally win!! After viewing more films then I count off the top of my head, after reading in so many interviews that you thought you always played the villain ...

... I have argued and defended and always
said "Naw ... you can look at those characters as ... (pick a characteristic that works)"
and usually, yeah. But this time ... LOL ...

... yeah ... you get this one! Hands down. LOL Not only the villain, but one of the baddest, as in his personality and not performance,
that I have ever seen. I used to think Burke ("AlienS") was the worse guy ever, but Mac? Mac just kept elevating his ability to outdo himself in evilness all through the film.

My one objection in the movie -- and it will be a big one that effects the whole plot -- it was the
character Regina. I have this huge thing about
female characters who cannot take of
themselves. Stems from my own background.
In 1977 and 1979, when I was still in school, some very bad things happened to some friends and because of that -- well first I got into self defense, in 1979 prior to it being cool for chicks. Then I got into martial arts. Somewhere between those two phases I started writing heroines that kick ass. I teach classes on how to write heroines that kick ass. I got all three of my kids into martial arts in 1997, where they still are, for the sole reason that if anyone messed with them -- well -- let's just say do not sneak up on my kids ... :)

I think maybe, if they were sneaky enough, they could have handled Mac, but damn, start early and do not wait until after the jail escape!!

So I did have problems with Regina and I really wished she would have turned around at some point and just ... I can think of a few things. The reality is, bad things happen to good people and in her case, though I think the deck might stack against her, I do wish she would have dealt with it eight years ago.

With that in mind, did you know it is possible to chew through binds even when gagged? Just a little footnote there. :)

As for Terra ... going over the cliff in that situation ... yeah ... really worked for me, though it did seem a rather permanent solution. I would have done it, too. No question.

Got separated from my family in the middle of the night a few months ago in LA. "What would you have done if I never came back to the hotel?" I asked my husband later. "Well, first," he said "I would have had to come up with the cash and then gone to the jail where you ended up after kicking the ass of whoever that was who messed with you and made it so you didn't get back to the hotel ..." I love my rep. LOL

But that is not the point here ... the point here is yeap, finally a villain and you win this round. There have been a few films I was nervous to watch, but did and then was glad. This one, I saw the previews four months ago and have avoided it like crazy. Again, glad I saw it. Not my kind of topic, but it worked.

And I don't have to eat a single cookie regardless of the rules ... !!:)

Yours respectively,



  1. My favorite actor is by and far Viggo Mortensen he has played a variety of charcters. I haven't seen his last movie The Road. I did like Eastern Promises. I had a thing for Don Johnson too still think he's good.

  2. Ew ... Viggo ... longest running screen saver I ever had until my Dell broke!! Aragorn. I never saw Eastern Promises, either, though I did see The History of Violence. Very intense movie. This movie here, Red Canyon? I am not kidding when I said I saw the previews four months ago and it took me that long to get the courage to watch it. It was very intense, too, and a little scary at some parts. Have never seen Mr. Reedus play such a vicious bad guy. And he did well. :)

    Thanks for stopping by Kathy!! Always like the company!! :)

  3. Love the review. I hope the ending made more sense to you than it did me. Norman as Mac. What can I say? He is so psycho in the best way.

  4. Hey thanks -- cuz really -- I have been fighting this whole "I usually play the bad" for so long. Finally got to one where he was right. And you nailed it!! Psycho was the perfect term!! :)

    Mac gives you the chills and they keep on coming long after you see the movie!

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. LOL! Great review. And I liked the story about your separaton from your family.

    Oh, but it's martial arts, not marital arts, although for some couples it might be called that:D You must type dyslexic like I do.

  6. No, I just can't spell, type or do math to save my life!! LOL Thanks I will change it if I can find it ... and yeah ... I read these things like twenty times before posting and I *still* end up ... going back again and again and again ... I suck as an editor and always have!

    And thanks for the story comments!! Did I mention I was armed that night, too!?! Nothing that fires. :)

    That was also the first night I downloaded a Boondock Saints wallpaper to my phone. It was a new skill and took me thirty minutes to figure out. After that, I downloaded a new one every time I had an argument with a particular person in the house. Please do not ask me how many Boondock Saint wallpapers I have for my phone! LOL :)

    Thanks for stopping by again Terry!!