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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Summing up James McAvoy ...

When people think James McAvoy, I think, in the past, they have tended to think of period pieces: such as Becoming Jane, where costume and background make up a significant aspect of the film. He is excellent in these roles, stepping into the parts like no one else can.

Then we see Wanted, an action movie pure and simple and the fit is just as good.  With the introduction of Professor X in the new X-Man franchise, McAvoy has proven his range. He is a working actor across the board, tackling serious roles that break our heart (Atonement) to playing an animated gnome fighting Shakespearean battles. (Gnomeo and Juliet).

I liked watching Mr. McAvoy's movies.  There wasn't one I didn't enjoy.  There were a couple I didn't watch on the mere fact the previews scared me (Swimming Pool) or the movie looked too intense with more then hints at violence (King of Scotland).  I'm told it's one of his best performances, though and I did miss out.

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