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Friday, October 19, 2012

Introducing John Cusack ....

Poor Matt Damon.  The actual winner of the poll last year to see who came next.  It was never my intentions to skip him again -- he's a great actor and I love his work.  But these last two weekends, when I found myself watching back to back to back John Cusack movies, I knew I might have to change the order of things again.

John Cusack is an amazing actor,  going back to just about that time I started going to the movies regularly.   "I was a teenager when they started making movies about teenagers," he says. Class, Sixteen Candles, The Sure Thing.  I credit talent to go with his luck.

He was Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything ... number 72 on Premier Magazine's 100 Greatest Characters ever created.  He was Lane Meyer in Better Off Dead, a movie so off the beaten track it is now filed under Cult Classics. He had roles in Journey of Natty Gann and Stand by Me. Bullets Over Broadway, Grosse Point Blank, ConAir ... he has been working steady since the early eighties and rarely disappointing.

So I am sorry to Matt Damon.  He will get his time, I am sure.  But for now, I think I want to spend a few months catching up on John Cusack's catalog and seeing what movies are in store for me.

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