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Saturday, October 6, 2012


To hear Mr. McAvoy talk about playing Wesley, follow this link:


James McAvoy plays Wesley Gibson - neurotic to the point of physical angst. He's got a standing order at a pharmacy for his anxiety pills and has to use a special keyboard for his reoccurring injury due to stress. His girlfriend leaves much to be desired and his best friend could also be his worst enemy.
Enter Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman -- who inform Wesley that his neuroses are not a genetic defect but a genetic blessing. Wesley is a natural born assassin, part of a fraternity of assassins.  They take him in, train him to be like them and set him up to do bad things he never would have done.

This is a very different role for McAvoy.  There are no period costumes, no girl waiting for the slightest bit of affection.  More action hero then ever before, WANTED is a fast paced ride with the minimal of love interest. Where reality is suspended and where bullets in motion can bend to find impossible targets.

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