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Friday, May 20, 2011

Lady Gaga, Norman Reedus and Judas ...

Being more into classic rock than modern pop, I haven't followed Lady Gaga's career too closely. I have been so distant from it, in fact, that the Judas Video completely missed my radar until I got a message today from one of my former exchange students (Thanks Rom!!): "Saw that Lady Gaga video with that Norman dude in it ..."

Not my style of music, but nice short bit and probably a lot of fun to be apart of. All that dancing, singing and partying going on, making it all look real. And if you think about it, same type of acting limitations as in Conspirator: actions, facial expressions. We get to see and feel and not hear and feel. There were no words to convey emotions. Just a cold stare, eye to eye as she held a gun to Reedus's chest before drawing in harlot red across his lips and face. Takes a lot in reality to keep your gaze on the eyes and not on the gun as guns tend to make people nervous.

Take a look if you want to see some fun, leather jackets, a little weaponry and some extremely hot bikes. Not to mention some high energy entertainment with a subtle message woven throughout.

And villain and dead? Not this time ... :)


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