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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Batman, Will & Grace and Matt Damon with a ROCKIN ASS ...:)

Actors like to have fun, too. It’s a break away from the heavy roles that take months to prepare for and a chance to just have a good time on a TV sit-com. No broken hearts, bleak despair or edge of the seat endings.

In the 1960’s, the show of choice to beg, borrow and plead a guest spot on was Batman staring Adam West. In it’s brief, three season classic run, actors such as George Sanders, Roddy McDowell, Liberace, Ethel Merman and Zsa Zsa Gabor just to name a few who found ways to hang out windows, be a second string side kicks/villain or even just to do a walk on with a two line guest appearance.

It was cool. It was fun and apparently everyone wanted to do it.

Will & Grace is the 21st century Batman celebrity equivalent.

Kevin Bacon, Cher, Michael Douglas, Madonna, Glenn Close, Gene Wilder, Elton John – these are **heavy** hitters – Ellen, Minnie Driver … and Matt Damon appearing as Jack’s arch enemy in “A Chorus Lie” where Damon’s character, Owen , a straight man pretending to be gay, wants Jack’s place in the Gay Man’s Chorus.

Acting and characterization present by an Academy Award winning star? How about some great lines as when Jack tests Owen by giving him a hung.

Jack: "Ew. Interesting. You gave me the straight-guy-double-pat-on-the-back-no-hip-contact hug."
Owen: "Actually it was more the gay-guy-feel-the-delts-bend-at-the-waist-check-out-the-shoes hug.”

Did it take an enormous amount of acting? We saw Mr. Damon with a smile on his face, we saw him singing and having fun. We saw him check out one chick then offer up himself to help Grace out of a slump with a killer, "ROCKIN ASS" make out session on the couch.

Owen: "You don't have any proof."
Jack: "I have photos."
Owen: "There's no film in that camera."
Jack: "Of course there is."
[He rips the film out of the camera]
Jack: "See? Like I'd be stupid enough not to put film in my own camera."

This wasn’t Jason Bourne. Nor was it Linus Caldwell(Oceans) or Will Hunting(Good Will Hunting) … all of them exceptional Matt Damon roles that I think we will visit soon. No, Will & Grace wasn’t a serious part. It was one actor among many having fun in a place not expected where he was in very good company.

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