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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Four Days with Joe Hamster, here.

My next four days .... weeeee.

Husband's birthday is today.
Mother's Day tomorrow.
My birthday on Monday.
My son's birthday on Tuesday.

And yes, we celebrate each and everyone to the fullest extent, giving every one of us our own special day.

It's friggin' exhausting. LOL

Do you know it sneaks up on us every year. We are never ready for it. It's as if we go through April in denial, thinking "Naw, it will never happen and then "Ahhh ... it's May I need a gift I need a gift NOW!!"

My dad, who passed away in 1997, was hugely big on birthdays. Every year he got me roses. Sometimes in a bouquet, sometimes on a card or drawing. He always made sure to get them to me. He taught me "Birthdays are your own special day that you never have to share with anyone. You only get a finite number so suck every one of them for all it's worth!!"

Happy Birthday -- and Mother's Day -- to everyone!

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