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Thursday, April 21, 2011

No, I'm not drowning. Not in water anyway. Life might be getting a little interesting these last few ... um ... is decades too long? :)

Loved this photo of the little man with his arms up. And I love the concept that if he is drowning use the phone. It's so much quicker that way. LOL

Have you ever thought about who writes these signs? Or worse, the questions at the grocery store when you pay with your debit card? I am convinced there is a man locked in a tower someplace, paid by the question he sends those machines. "Do you want to donate ...?" "Do you want cash?" "Debit or credit..." cuz really, they go to different places, right? Then the kid asks you Paper or ...

Ahhh ...

"We need to slow your life down," a friend said to me just yesterday.
"This is slow," I said.
"My god, what is fast?"
"You don't want to know ... " :)

I will be out of town then next few days, teaching in Tucson about the wonderful show that was "Firefly". It is amazing what you can learn about writing by just watching that show. On Saturday night, I'll be seeing Robert Redford's new movie "The Conspirator" staring our ever popular Norman Reedus. I also have "Meskeda" waiting here for a viewing when I get back. I've seen JGL"The Look Out" as well as "Stop Loss" and now, after writing them all up, I just need to find out who will be next. Matt Damon is leading, Colin Farrell in second and then Sean Patrick Flanery.

And all of a sudden, I have the urge to see "Boondock Saints" . Even if "The Conspirator's" previews gave me chills, I gotta stick by my ol' favorites. :)

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