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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"GI Joe ..."

It had great dialog:

"... we injected 1,000 cc of the nanomite solution into each subject. When they finally stopped screaming ... "

It had more action then you could possibly expect.

What it didn't have was an all too great of cast with a very good script or a sense of delivery or awareness of who their characters were supposed to be and hat exactly what it was they were doing.

I asked my kids as the movie came on: "Does JGL play a villain or a hero?"
"Give it a minute," they said, "and then you tell us."

Was it fun? It looked like it was fun to make. JGL said it was like playing with giant action figures all day and then going home. Was it a serious movie? Not by a long shot. "Stop Loss is a movie about soldiers," he said. "GI Joe is not a movie about soldiers."

Would I recommend this movie? I can think of a couple I would watch ahead of it. Do I think it's the type film an actor would look back on and say "What was I thinking ...?" No. I think they look back on something like this, not care how it was received and remember they had a damn good time making it.

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