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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mega Important Filler Spot ... :)

Remember the movie Better Off Dead? Laughed recently thinking about lines like "Sorry your Mom blew up Ricky." or the dinner that crawled across the table?

Do not get me going on the hot car at the end, though most people who know me know I have a thing about hot muscle cars.

This is Lane's high school in the movie, a screen shot that lasted under a minute. It is also MY high school, the one where I spent three years as a photographer shooting photos very much like this. It's called Verdugo Hills High and is located about twenty minutes from downtown Hollywood. It's been used in a ton of commercials and films, including this fine example or cinematographic genius, and Corvette Summer with Mark Hamell in -- I want to say 1979.

And this brings an end to our filler spot ... :)

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