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Monday, October 18, 2010

Returning to Work and Life ...

It has been one hell of a run the last month or so. You can tell by the date of the last blog entry -- not to mention the fact the house is a wreck, we eat take out. There are no clean clothes right now and I do have to get back to work. Fourth Sword still needs editing and Silent Echos -- also known as "Davis" needs writing. Was thinking I might pull up that short I had been working on and finish that, too.

But alas, until this **fabulous** weekend in LA, hanging out with family and new "friends" that were sooo cool -- I feel wonderful -- beyond wonderful ... I soooo needed it ... and now I can get back to everything I am supposed to be doing while still dealing with everything that keeps showing up.

And I learned that when you are at a Horror Convention, you can still get your walk in if you do laps around the vendors and go by time on your watch and not just with distance and your iPod play list. Just make sure you wear your glasses so you don't run - literally - into anyone important. :)

The cartoon ... that's actually not a cat. That's a photograph of me and what I have looked like and felt like for the last four plus weeks.

Three more Reedus reviews and then I really do move on ...

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