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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We're at DefCon Three ... Blast Off!

As a kid, I always said asthma felt like an elephant sitting on your chest when you tried to breath. Asthma is one of those things I know since I've had it forever. Yesterday, though, I find out that there are "Stage Attacks" ... really? We have DefCon Stages and I am yellow? I look terrible in yellow!! And I supposed DefCon 3 wouldn't be so bad -- if I hadn't I discovered there are only foouuur stages.

500 Days of Summer is going to be a few days late. Sorry about that.

While I get my brain working again, though -- lack of O2 does things to the thinking process -- why don't you go check out JGL's pet project HitRECord.org? It doesn't have a lot to do with characterization -- okay it has nothing to do with characterization -- but it is his passion and worth it to go take a look.

HitRecord is a production company opened up to the public where people can post and share artist pieces. If a piece is picked up and everyone jumps on board, then it dream becomes a reality and sometimes there is a pay check involved. And though a check can be nice, this community is really less about monetary gain. It's about giving people a chance, or working with other great minded people and about a opportunity being offered by a damn good actor who looks beyond his own career.


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